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Home Depot / carpet sales/install

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Went to Home Depot to have carpet/tile installed in my home. First of all, I could not get service in
the carpeting department after an hour wait. Went back in several days later and had to wait
2 hours for sales help even though there was no one waiting. The sales rep. was clearly irritated that she had to wait on a customer and she let me know it through her demeanor. When I finally got someone
to take my order for measurments - they charge you $50 -they stated that they have a high tech company to come out a measure your home. The company is called measurecomp and they are supposed to use laser beams to measure. The elderly guy who showed up to measure appeared to be on drugs
or seriously mentally ill. He said he was tired and didn't feel like measuring any more that day. After what we had already been through with Home Depot - we called the store to insist that he take the measurements on the date and time scheduled. Four hours later the guy showed back up - with major
attitude- and did the measuring. He used the old fashion method of using a tape measure and calculator.
There was nothing high tech about what he did. After the measurement ordeal, we went back in the
store to order the carpet/tile and couldn't get service if our life depended on it. After a two hour wait, when the sales associate finally decided to wait on us we were excited. She started to look up the measurements in the computer when a co-worker walked up to her and asked her to stop what she
was doing and take his "friends" next. She proceeded to stop working on my order and told me to come
back in a half hour or so - as she was going to wait on her co-worker's friends. They needed window
blinds measured and cut. I was mad but was committed to completing the project. After a half an
hour I went back to the counter and the sales associate was no where near finished with the other people.
I asked her how much longer would it be and she completely ignored me. I left the store and contacted
Home Depot corporate headquarters. They were of no assistance whatsoever. They elevated the
matter to a zone services manaager who sent me a letter weeks later saying he had been trying to
contact me. The phone number he was using was 10 years old and not the phone number I had
used in the work order or to set up the carpet measurement. It must have been an old number in
their database from years ago when I remodeled my first home. To make matters worse, the sales rep.
must have been mad that I filed a complaint against her and so I was deluged with cold/rude phone
calls from this woman. Despite spending over 5 hours in Home Depot, no single employee ever discussed my carpet or tile needs or selection. It was like pulling teeth getting waited on. Yesterday, I received
a phone call from the sales rep. telling me that there was an issue with my carpet installation because the carpet in my home had pet urine in it and Home Depot refuses to remove it. That is not an issue -
as I have hired a service to remove the tile and haul it away and could do the same for the carpet.
The issues were the selection of the carpet/tile, the ordering of said items, the time frames involved
and my budget. Home Depot did not find these to be issues worthy of discussion. The only issue for them was what Home Depot WOULD NOT do for me - not what they could do for me. Here they advertise about their sales/installation services and give you incentives to utilize their services (i.e. 10% off etc.) To get their employees to do their job and to treat you with courtesy is another story. Evidentally, there is a big disconnect from corporate Home Depot and the local stores. What a terribley negative experience I had with them.

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  • Fr
      18th of Jun, 2008
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    I truly believe you have exaggerated and fabricated your story. Your full of crap. If you waited for 2 hours for service and had a bad experience with the measuring then returned to the store and waited again your an idiot. Why didn't you call for a supervisor or ask to see the store manager and get them to assist you. They are the people who delegate the work duties of the $8.75 per hour employee that constantly puts up with annoying complaints from the consumer that don't realize that Home Depot does very little to train staff and absolutely nothing regarding continuous improvement. How does Home depot recruit staff with expertise for $8.00 to $10.00 per hour, the answer, they don't and the same goes for Lowes. The employees at Home Depot and Lowes are just regular people with very little actual building experience. If you want to point fingers then point to corporate headquarters for poor hiring practices and low wages. Beyond that consumers are not loyal they always are going to purchase where the cheapest price is, regardless how the service is and that is the truth. Lowes or Home Depot hire cheap labor to maintain low prices but high profits.

  • Ph
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    You are crazy, no one would wait that long when spending money. Their are too many other places that would be happy to have my money. Why wait in line to give your money to them. Go someplace else.

  • Pl
      7th of Sep, 2011
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    While I find the first response crude, I do have to admit the original complaint if full of high drama at every turn. Home Depot has issues, but the OP seems to have been the kind of customer who pours gas on a fire and then complains about getting burned. Nothing would make you happy... but you kept doing business with them as if to have something more to complain about.

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