Hollister Sale Online / False advertising for Hollister Sale Online

United States

My daughter and I were shopping in a Hollister store this weekend. Most of the store was on sale and clearance merchandise was extra 50% off. My daughter found a shirt that she had been wanting and it was on a multi-tiered shelf. The sign on the top said “Sale 15.00″ so we thought that meant everything on that table. The sign was not specific, it just said sale. When we got to the register, the shirt rang up 29.90. I questioned the price and was told by someone calling herself the manager “just so you know, the sign is for the fragrance on the top shelf”.

I told her just so you know your sign is not specific and misleading. She rolled her eyes at me and said “whatever” and walked away saying to the girl working the register that the shirt is regular price. We did not buy the shirt and the poor girl behind the register looked apologetic but too late. I’m sure if weights and measures walked in and saw that sign, there would be trouble. There is a $10, 000.00 fine for misleading signage so maybe Hollister should get caught a few times to learn the true meaning of “just so you know”.

I went online the othr day and i see that hollister is having 30% off the whole store in both stores and online and that today 11/29/11 was the last day for the offer so i went to international mall to buy what i wanted and when i get to the cash register i ask the guy about my 30% off and he tells me that there not doing that and i tell him that i saw it online and it says all stores and he says that there doing it in dadeland so i call to dadeland and they tell me the same thing that there not having the promotion so obviously they are doing false advertisement.

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