Holiday Inn One Lodging Management / front desk clerk

Wj Feb 8, 2019

I stayed at the hotel February 2 & 3 2019. While parked in the parking lot overnight my vehicle was struck in the lot by a departing guests. Apparently the departing guest did stop and left minimal information. When I asked the clerk t the desk she stated that she had no knowledge of the incident or of anyone leaving information. The accident was on video in addition. I talked the the clerk several times and she played dumb. Even when I told her another guest saw the accident and knew the driver went to the front desk. It wasn't until the Fort Myers PD arrived that she admitted to have knowledge of the accident. Had she been truthful most of a anxiety could have been avoided. She finally stated that it was a company policy.
This is in addition to no regular coffee in the room and no refill of plastic cups in the bathroom. Also, previously used coffee cups were not disposed of.

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