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I ordered about 800 euro of stuff from them and after upgrading to spend even more they canceled and refunded my order because they said the postage calculation was wrong- no further details were added. They did not reply to my emails asking for an explanation and did not refund the additional money I made for an upgrade on dr size. After an abusive email from me I finally got a lengthy reply saying they had barred me from their site etc and would not refund my money for as long as possible because of my behavior. Then several more emails were exchanged where it became clear that the person emailing prioritised attempting to be rude, and insulting but actually just making it patently obvious why so many people say this site is unprofessional and incompetent. Sadly whoever I was dealing needs a primary education in elementary English grammar- but was English; though had the audacity to imply racism in their comments to me. In summery I wouldn't say they are scammers but most definitely useless and unreliable. I used Progrow in Exeter and well all I can say is when you put the company up against them it's the difference between a sloth and a tiger in terms of stealth and speed.


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