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her hair company / HORRIBLE Closures

1 Indianapolis, IN, United States

For about the past six months I have been ordering my hair from Her Hair Company. Now I have tried many different companies but this one was the best I had used by far. Usually I leave a small amount of hair out so that the weave looks natural, but this time around I decided to use a closure to protect all of my hair. Once the closure was installed I loved it for the first couple of weeks. I then started to notice that every time I brushed my hair a huge clump of hair would come out with it. Finally I started to examine my hair and noticed that I had huge bald spots in my closure. Knowing that this wasn't normal I went up to their location and spoke with one of the representatives about the problem I was experiencing. The first lady I spoke to was a sweetheart and unfortunately couldn't do anything because her manager was out of town. So she began to take down my information until her coworker came from around the corner and started questioning me about what I was doing to the hair. I told her that I wasn't putting in oil in it just washing it as I normally would. She then said it was shedding because the hair was probably to dry. Sure. I then tried to explain to her that the rest of the hair wasn't shedding and only the closure. I couldn't understand that I'm doing the same thing to all of my hair then why is it only the closure that's balding. I was then asked to come back on Monday to speak with the manager. Fast Forwarding to Monday, I went in and spoke with who I'm assuming was the manager. He seemed to listen to my problem at first and then became extremely defensive. He claimed that I wasn't using the right type of materials to comb the hair. Again even if the brush that I'm using isn't the right one, then why is it only the CLOSURE that is shedding and not the rest of the hair. He then went on to explain that they have never had any complaints out of the thousands of customers they have on their closures. Which was ### because if you go to their instagram page you can see under almost every post people complaining about how their closures don't match the hair among other things. In the end his solution was to give me 50% off to buy another closure which unfortunately I had to take because my hair appointment is on Thursday and I graduate from college on Saturday. I should not have had to pay for another closure when I've barely had it a month. It sucks because I ordered more hair from them which I will be returning because of this fiasco.

her hair company

May 4, 2015

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