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Helio / Poor Quality

1 TX, United States

Personally, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND Helio. I have NOT gotten what I paid for. And for someone with my personality to take time to actually post something like this says a lot. Promise.


Poor quality of Service and it appears they worked in an entire month payment I owe them over the last 9 months. Billing always seems screwy and the way they layout the bill, it is difficult to see if you are overpaying. I promise, I am not a dumb consumer.

First - their $99 ALL INCLUSIVE is not so much. It's really more like $150 per month. Granted there are taxes and $6/month for 'insurance' but wow! Regardless of which service, find out what the bottom line is.

Also, Helio charges $1.50 if you ever are in a crunch and need to call information.

And last, the service is horrid. Always has been but I just lived with it. I swear since Virgin took them over, it got way worse. I am not overstating this - 2 of 3 calls always have issues - sound dropping out or worse "Call Lost".

Three times their techs have tried to fix my phone, including reseting it to factory settings. Last week, I spent almost 3hrs on a Pay-As-You go phone I HAD to get because my $150 a month phone can't cut it. Who knows how long I was on with tech support over the 1.5rs I've had the service.

I should have just paid the $175 or whatever service charge the second month into the contract - I would have saved a lot of money and headaches in general. Ugh.

Perhaps Helio works better for people in other places than in Texas.

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