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Recently xiaomi announced that any chinese variant xiaomi phones with open bootloaders and changed roms from china rom to global rom will be bricked with the upcoming updates of the miui os. I checked my phone's bootloader status and it's open???!!! This is unacceptable!!! You must to shamed of your selves to fool your costumers like that!!! Why the hell did you sell me the chinese rooted variant instead of the official global one???!!! I paid you for the official global version of the phone and you send me a rooted one instead???!!! I want a full refund of my money asap or send me an unrooted, with a closed bootloader, untouched, official global variant of the phone to send you back the rooted crap you sold me instead.


Xiaomiall defective pieces and worst worst service

Hello people,
do not buy this china mobiles if you care for your money. These mi people, only care about their sales and money. And i want you people to be aware of this, the following is my issue(the mail i have sent to mi support)
still my issue is not resolved
and i would like to post all these emails threads in facebook in top pages, reviewing and complaining websites in google. I have contacted the following numbers and got responses as below.

1.Branch number ([protected]) line gets connected but no one answers the call and i dont know why they mention this number on the service copy and ask all users to call on that number. Very frustrating( i called daily 15-20 times, no one answers)

2. Customer care([protected]) spoke to anirudh, told me they will call me back and will escalate the issue, no call.

3. City manager ([protected] vishnu kumar) always busy got no respone.

4. And this branch(begumpet) is having a worst manager, who knows the issue and asks me to send mail to company or to call city manager, he needs approval it seems. Then why he is available there. For every company customer is the 1st priority, but this manager asks me to wait too long and gives no proper response. And i have asked him to arrange a call for me from his higher authority, he says i should call or email. Worst manager ever.

5. I have also chatted with your chat team with apon, they always tell me to wait for 24 hours for respone, no response again.

The following are the issues with mi phone -

1. I have submitted the phone on 17-09-2016 and it has been 65 days now.

2. When submitted in service center, they dont check the issue immediately, just deposit your mobile and they will call you back. They called me after a week saying the phone has liquid damage while the mobile is having no liquid damage and the part need to be replaced. The worst thing is the part was not available for 40 days which was very frustating.

3.And after 40 days, they say one more problem that display need to be replaced and it has been 65 days now not yet done.

4. Annoying thing is that they keep me messaging that your mobile is ready for delivery please pick it up. But actually the mobile has not been repaired yet.

5. The point i have noticed from my friends who have also purchased your product facing the same issue were said the same that their mobiles is having the liquid damage where actually the mi mobiles is having the manufacturing defect. And the service centers fools the customers saying this.

6. Please let me know how my phone gets switched off by itself, when i try to make a software update

screw this china phones, do not buy if you care for your money.
All defectives pieces and worst service.

all defective pieces and worst worst service
all defective pieces and worst worst service
all defective pieces and worst worst service
all defective pieces and worst worst service
all defective pieces and worst worst service
all defective pieces and worst worst service


I have purchased MI4 8 months ago. I am facing problem in it. Problem is i have resetted my phone and when it again restarts it was asking for MI id and password which i forgot. What should i do ? I have bring it to the service center twice but they said it will not be repaired of updated from their side. So, I have talked on your Hotline number they said that if customer care center is not cooperating then you can send mail to xiaomi. So, i am writing this mail to inform you that your customer care executive are not supporting to its customers. The customer care center is in sector 14, NIT faridabad.
cont:[protected], [protected]
email :[protected]@gmail.com

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    AHMED ALI klb Nov 18, 2018
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    Hi sir mi note 5 note 4 3s 6pro minor fault mobile chahiye please help me my mail add ( [email protected] .com

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    Mg na Oct 16, 2019
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    Xiaomi saya terkunci setetah di reset Dan saya lupa password mi clound mya Dan no hp verifikasi nya juga hilang udah gitu aja.Jangan lupa tambahkan lampiran file.lalu kirim Daw tunggu balasan dari xiaomi


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Xiaomiredmi note 3 16gb

I m facing "start-up freeze" problem on my redmi note 3 2gb/16gb varient phone just after 3 months from date of purchase from mi.com,

The details pf my phone are given below-

Name-anmoldeep singh
Invoice no: [protected]
invoice date: 20 may 2016
Order no: [protected]
expeiry date-2017-05-23

After startup freeze up problem I had given my phone on ludhiana (punjab) service center for a week,

Its job sheet no. (ludhiana punjab) was-wxin1608290005250

they told that it has hardware (main board) issue and due to unavailablity of hardware parts from back end it may take 40-50 days for phone to get repaired as I m college student live out side from my home and want instant repair of phone I though to change my service center, I took my phone back and decided to give it on chandigarh service center

I had then given my phone to chnadigarh service center on 2-9-16,

Its job sheet no. (chandigarh) was-wxin1609020007237.

But same condition was their, they kept my phone for 22 days, still phone was unrepaired due to unavailable parts from back-end,

I had mailed many - many times even did chat support that please ensure fast delivery of hardware parts on these service center's, customer executives did a fake promises that they would soon be available but they were not at all available till last.

Proof's -

1-incident: [protected]
2-incident: [protected]
3 - [incident: [protected]
4 - [incident: [protected]
5 - [incident: [protected]
6-incident id: [protected]
7-incident: [protected]
8-incident: [protected]]

So, after so many of incident's I got no solution and no estimated date that when my phone would be repaired back. so again I had taken back my redmi note 3 (unrepaired) phone from chandigarh service center also. and thought to opt pickmi service,

I applied for pick mi service on 16-9-16 then, details are-

Your enquiry no. [protected]

After I had submitted my phone under pick mi service, they had mailed me after 3-4 days that your device has been tempered (seal broken) and can't be repaired under warranty, and you have to pay rs.6220 for repair and if you will not pay this much amount under next 2 days then your phone will be sent back unrepaired.

I contacted with customer care that I had only given my phone offline on genuine xiaomi service center's only, i. e - ludhiana (punjab) service center, and chandigarh service center, may be while examining they had tempered the phone and kept like that only, might be they would have tought that it would be rest while installing new main-board in device but as we know I had taken back my phone before installation of new-board, i. e-unrepaired phone as they were taking so much of time,

And neighter I had wrote any letter to pickmi with invoice while packing up my phone that I had given before to mi service center's. neighter customer executive told me who had enabled me with pick mi service as I told him that I am withdrwaing my unrepaired phone from service center.

So then again same thing, every day I contacted mi after that, everyday customer executive changes I recieved lot of calls, lot of emails I had done lot of chat's I had done executives every times say that we will enquire from both of our service center's (send us both job sheet no's) and if we found that phone was tempered by them while examining then we will make repair phone free of cost. but no solution came out, phone came back to my home unrepaired, we have to tell everyday our case again still no solution comes out, some executives says we had updated your case on high priority, still no solution comes out.
And queries related to pickmi was-


1-incident: [protected]
2-incident :[protected]]
3-incident: [protected]
4-incident: [protected]
5-incident: [protected]
6 - [incident: [protected]
7-incident: [protected]
8-incident: [protected]
9 - [incident: [protected]

So each case have more than 5 incidents but no action has been taken by xiaomi service to repair my phone back, it was your service center faults, I dont know how they had examined my phone, you contact them you enquire and check where my device get tempered,

After opting 3 services 2 on service center and 1 pick mi after a month and after alot of emails as shown above in proof's of incidents, after lot's of chat supports lot of calls still my phone is unrepaired and xiaomi service is not taking any step to repair it. this is my final warning and compilation of all mails and incidents to you, take it seriously verify contact me and reapir my phone free of cost.


Anmol deep singh
Attachmentssep 30 (2 days ago)

To service.in, xiaomi, xiaomi

[incident: [protected]
All invoice, jobsheet, pick mi mail has been attached together.


redmi note 3 16gb

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    Mobile signal no service

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    The Xiaomi Redmi S2 has built OS support for up to 32 bit applications, which CPU can support up to 64 bit, which is not fairly user-friendly Xiaomi cheat with your customers please understand that you lose your sells But it is not correct


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    Mobile phone no service.

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