HEB Plus in Pearland at HWY288/FM518 / return policy not honored

I bought a nintendo 3ds from heb less than 2 weeks ago. When I tried to return it, heb would not take it back even though the item was unopened. The customer services rep said they usually don't accept return on any electronic item unless the manager overrides it. However, if you read their store policy posted on the wall and counter, it says "returns are accepted within 90 days. If opened, will be traded for same item." so I came back the next day and got the same response. I tried to see the manager and he never seems to be in. If they don't honor returns they should not posted it on their store policy. That is false advertisement and misleading. Dont ever buy any item from their electronic department because they will not allow you to return it for any reason. Same goes for clearance item.

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