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Although, he claims he is a professional and international photographer, my opinion of what the owner and photographer at Harper Noel Photography did for me was just very poor edited and not worth the money I paid to engage his services.
My wedding photos were all printed with effects I didn't like at all and I didn't even mention in the contract we have signed.
Very high price.
I blame myself because I could just find a better photographer with a reasonable price and a much better work.
Very bad customer service as they never give you a specific answer to your questions and didn't even want to compensate me.

Jan 28, 2015

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  • Ha
      28th of Jan, 2015

    This is a new cyber scam that is targeting photographers and here is the link:

    This person has targeted numerous photographers around the country and is making false claims and attempting to have us pay to get his false reports taken down. Basically holding my reputation and livlihood hostage until I pay.

    Here is a link to his profile on [redacted]: As you can see he is up to 15 bogus photographer reports in one day.

    I am a honest business woman and my work is of the highest quality. I ask that you please do not take his claims about my business seriously! Thank you, Harper
    Ps... I am a SHE ;)

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  • Me
      25th of Feb, 2015

    Harper is a woman! She did my wedding pictures and they were amazing! This person has obviously never worked with Harper!

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  • Mo
      5th of Nov, 2015

    Even though the complainer above is part of a cyber scam, it is true that Harper Noel is taking people's money and canceling on them 3-4 days before their weddings. You practically have to hound her for weeks to get a response.

    "Harper Noel, " owner of Harper Noel Photography, is actually Amy Hoga/Amy Swartout. This information is public and can be found simply by researching where the domain name for Relish Clothing is registered. She is now running this clothing company called "Relish Clothing" which she dumped "Harper Noel Photography" for. Here is the domain registration in case you want to see it. (you can see Harper Noel further down) & &

    If you have given money to either of these companies, don't give anymore. She will be nice and friendly until she has your money. If you ask for anything else, she will begin to insult you, saying that you are unstable or that you "need Jesus" over a simple request that any other photographer would be okay with.

    Over the past couple months, I've been contacted by at least 10 women who paid her in full for weddings and she canceled on them less than 3-4 days before their weddings. The reasons were always bogus, like the wedding no longer "fit her artistic style" or "lack of communication" even though Harper/Amy was the one who wouldn't pick up the phone or answer emails.

    She tries to stay that her bad reviews are ALL part of this extortion scam, and she tries to dispute real people's reviews on WeddingWire, but I'm glad to see that brides are finally realizing what Amy really is, and that their truthful reviews were verified by WeddingWire with their actual contracts (you can see those here: & here: ). People are already not receiving their clothing boxes that they've payed for on Relish, so I guess she decided to strike quickly with that one. Just look a review or two down and find a couple women who are already not receiving their boxes. She has taken money from us with no intention of shooting our weddings.

    Don't give her any more money. If you hired her for your wedding next year in 2016 and you are googling right now (apparently a lot of us have her hired for next year), you need to have a chat with your bank and start planning for "Harper" not coming to your wedding. Likewise if you are paying for these boxes from her If she wants to dispute this review, I will gladly show WeddingWire/The Knot/Facebook/Whoever all of the stories, proof, and nasty texts we all have from her.

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  • Sa
      4th of Feb, 2016

    Harper Noel is owned by a deceptive woman named Amy Swartout...but Amy Swartout is actually a scam photographer also known as Amy Hoga. Google those reviews for Amy Hoga and compare the pictures of her (you'll see it's the same person). I knew Amy because I fell victim to her treacherous ways. I hired to shoot my 2010 wedding and the week of the wedding she suddenly requested to be paid in full (fed me a sob story), which I kindly obliged. She then showed up 2 hours late to a prewedding function and then left early and was horribly rude to my guests and me. I tried to contact her and she refused to respond and the most I could get out of her was some verbal abuse from her through text and that she would not be showing up for my wedding (only 2 days away!). We scrambled and found a backup photographer, but of course Amy created this stressful situation.

    My horror did not end there though, as I had to spend the next 2 months fighting to get my money back. In fact she submitted a claim against mine that stated she did not owe me money. It's interesting that she was full of excuses and foul language when it came time to do her job, but she could expend so much energy trying to steal money she did not earn. I have come to realize that Amy is either a sociopath or suffers from some form so biopolar/personality disorder. Regardless, please brides/parents to be, or current parents. save yourself the potential stress and deception and hire a real photographer. It will not surprise me if she changes her name again and tries to continue her con.

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