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Ordered a Garmin costing over $400 from this company. It has never been recieved and they do not reply to emails or answer phone calls. Credit card company is pursuing as fraud. They also attempted to charge a second time for this item. BEWARE!

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  • J
      Sep 14, 2009

    Ordered a television from Harbor Audio. They charged me $306.94. A few days later, they charged my credit card with another $620.83. They have never delivered the actual order and have not credited anything. You cannot reach them by phone or e-mail. They do not respond. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

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  • M
      Oct 04, 2009

    They did the same thing to us. We ordered a Bluray player for over 300$ and they sent a broken Bluray player and then made dozens of extra charges over the internet for Hotels, Pre paid cell phones, and other stuff. Luckily the credit card company caught it pretty quick but people should make complaints to harbor Audios domain provider. They seem to be administered by Everybody needs to shoot off an e-mail to these people and let them know a domain belonging to them is being used for fraudulent purposes, Hopefully they will be shut down. You should also leave Public comments next to their search results. It will show up for everyone to read that comes across their URL in the search engines. To do that right at the bottom to the right of their search results where it says "Cached and "Similar" place your mouse pointer over the first symbol that is marked "comments". Click that and you can leave comments for everyone to read. That way know one else will fall for their scams.

    here are the e-mails for their domain admin.

    support (-at )

    legal (-at )

    ( I took out the @ symbiol so spammers don't target the e-mail for spam.)

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  • M
      Oct 04, 2009

    I reported them to their domain provider " " They were no help at all regarding closing them their website down. As long as they get payed they could care less, I guess. here was their reply. However, if everyone that has been ripped off by this company sends in e-mails to this domain name server maybe they would re-think closing the website.

    We can not take action based on this complaint. You should file a fraud report
    with your local law enforcement agency or the Cyber Crimes unit of he Consumer
    Protection Agency.

    We can only take action based on court order or through subpoena from a law enforcement
    agency with jurisdiction.


    Russ Gilman
    Sr. V.P. Customer Care

    Best Regards,

    Russell Gilman
    Customer Care Representative
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