Hair Club for Men and Womenhair loss due to medical adhesive

Er Nov 23, 2014 Southfield, MI

Hello there. I am a former Hair Club member. About 9 years ago i noticed my hair was thinning. Not too bad, just a little on the top and sides. I was beginning to get depressed and tried many different things to help the growth. I came across Hair Club online and decided to get the free scalp analysis consultation that they offered. After the free analysis they recommended I get the hair system which cost me a whopping $1, 000!!
Not only that but I had to go back every 6 weeks and pay approximately $90 to have them take the hair off clean it and reapply.
I remember one of my stylists taking my hair piece off and exclaimed, "That's Nasty!!!" I was appalled, embarrassed, and hurt. But I kept going back and dealing with it because I was desperate to have hair again.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Southfield, MI During these visits, they would shave the top of my head (it would look like a halo on top of my head) and apply medical adhesive DIRECTLY on my scalp and on the hair piece itself. This went on for quite some time until I said to myself, enough. I cannot go on dealing with the verbal abuse of these people and the insane amount of money I was spending. I decided to cancel their services and just deal with wearing a wig...(i have been wearing wigs for almost 8 years now) I have baldness all around my head. My hair will grow longer but won't fill in at all. I wish I had NEVER went there in the first place. I have left so many jobs due to harassment and ridicule and lost a great deal of money. Not to mention my confidence. I am in search of anyone who is involved or wants to start a Class Action Lawsuit against Hair Club for Men and Women. It has taken me a long time to get to this point. It is now that I see so many others hurt and affected by this false hope either emotionally or financially. It is time to get justice.

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