GWM Steed 5 2.5 tci / bad after sales service

South Africa

Baught a GWM Steed5 2.5 tci At Alberton GWM as i took it heard that the gearbox was noisy took it to GWM in Welkom to check it
out they said its normal I am a rep so do drive a lot with the first service i complained about the gearbox again they changed the
gear oil and said they are going to change the gearbox also complained about the oil leak on the tappet cover at the breather and a rattle right front said the gearbox are on backorder so is the part to fix the oil leak. Took the Bakkie for its 20 000 km service complained about the oil leak, gearbox and rattle again my bakkie is leaking oil were ever i stop gearbox still not avalible must ad that the service from Lambons Welkom are good but seems like the GWM dont support the dealers and dont keep stock in South Africa if any one can tell me who i can complain to at Head Office plz tell me. Steed 5 a great bakkie but if spares are not avalible and take more than 2 months and counting to be avalible its a great concern!!! Plz help!!!

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