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To who it may concern.
Gwm steed 2.8 turbo diesel single cab.
I’m am writhing in pure frustration.
Below is a long list of the problems and repairs made from the day of purchase new april 2010 to the last service april 2012.
Gwm service report
Schedule services as mentioned below referred to standard service plan services
Unscheduled services as mentioned below refer to all work that had to be done in between services to maintain the vehicle
Work done as mentioned below refers to work that the service garage says they have done on their reports
First unscheduled service (3500 km)
• complaints logged
O 1st, 2nd & 3rd gears sticky on changing and gearing down
• work done
O checked gearbox oil
O adjusted clutch
Second service unscheduled (4504 km)
• complaint logged
O gearbox noisy on all gears
• work done
O none
First scheduled service (9338 km)
• complaint logged
O hazards switch broken
O spacer on diff noisy
O white cable hanging out under dash by pedals
• work done
O 10 0000km service
O check & adjusted all breaks and hand break
O repair hazard wiring
O secure cables under vehicle
Second scheduled service (19870)
• complaint logged
O clutch pedal making a noise when pushed in
O wheel rotation
• work done
O rotation of tyres
O 20000km service
O checked all brakes
O adjusted hand brakes
O lube clutch pedal slave and pedal
Third unscheduled service (24002 km)
• complaint logged
O engine light on dash is on
• work done
O reset dtc brake signal
Forth unscheduled service (26000 km)
• complaint logged
O brakes very noisy
• work done
O replaced rear brake pads
Forth scheduled service (28778 km)
• complaint logged
O 30000 km service
• work done
O 30000 km service
Fifth unscheduled service 36000km
• drop shaft fell off on high way, truck sent out to collect and repair
Third scheduled service (39396 km)
• requested
O 40000km service
O clutch making strange noise when pressed
• work done
O 40000km service
O pack front wheel bearings
O lube clutch fork
• report
O rear main seal leaking
Sixth unscheduled service (40613 km)
• request
O brakes not working properly
• work done
O refit vacuum pipe
Seventh unscheduled service (41500 km)
• request
O brake light not working
O attend to oil leak between gearbox & engine
• work done
O fit fuse on brake lights
O repair rear main oil seal
• report
O trailer connection to be tested
Eighth unscheduled service (42000 km)
• request
O prop shaft broke
O towed in
• work done
O tighten prop shaft bolts
Forth scheduled service (49800 km)
• requested
O 50000km service
O dome light not working
O paint on wheel cap
O attend to front brakes
O cluster lights warning
 lights coming on at different times intermittedly
• work done
O 50000 km service
O replaced front brake pads
O skimmed front brake discs
O replaced clutch switch
• report
O no stock on wheel caps
Ninth unscheduled service (56000 km)
• requested
O all warning lights come on intermittely
O brake lights not working
O engine and turbo full of oil
• work done
O repaired short in trailer plug
O replaced induction pipe
Fifth 60 000km service
• requested
O attend to right sun visor clip
O attend to dome light not working
O attend to interior fan not working
O attend to rear break nose
• work done
O service complete
O replaced dome light
O replaced sun visor clip
O replaced rear brake pads
O replaced interior fan
Sixth 70 000km service (69782km)
• request
O service
O attend to light on dash all flashing
O attend to brake nose
O right rear handbrake cable broken
• work done
O service done
O replaced front brakes
O reset dtc
O repaired hand break
Tenth unscheduled service (71662km)
• replace hand break cable
Seventh scheduled service (78048)
• request
O service
O repair brake lights
O repair all taillights not working
O repair interior light not working
O repair all lights on dash board not working
O replace left front globe
O reset ecu
• work done
O service completed
O repaired all above
Eleventh unscheduled service (80800km)
• request
O attend to clutch
O attend to rear brakes
O attend to cluster lights not working
O attend to brake lights not working
O attended to head lights not working
• work done
O replace clutch kit
O adjust and clean brakes
O repaired and wired towbar plug
O replaced bearing to clutch
Twelfth unscheduled service (83457km)
• request
O no speedo
• work done
O replaced speedo sensor
Eighth - scheduled service (89999km)
• request
O attended to oil leak
O attend to dash lights not working
O attended to break lights not working
• at this point myself and my business partner decided to meet with the wessie one of the partners with atlantis motors to get the bucky sorted, we have 14 vehicles as part of our fleet. all work well except the gwm steep (which was purchased to see if the vehicle was any good) it’s by far the worst of them all. on discussing all the problems and history of the vehicle wessie agreed that it was ridiculous and that he personally would assure the vehicle was sorted.
• the bucky was delivered in december around the 10th and was only ready for collection in 13th january 2012 this its self was ridiculous.
Apparently all that was broken was repaired and all was check 10 times over.
Thirteenth unscheduled service (92999km)
Firstly this is after only 3000km after the vehicle was given the all clearer and after it spent over a month in their work shop.
• request
O attended vehicle making strange noises while driving.
O attended to burning smell while driving
O attend to rear wheel tyre hinge faulty
On investigation it was found that the air con piping had broken off the body and was bagging around the inside of the vehicle.
Nothing else was found to be wrong.
Eleventh unscheduled service (96747km)
The vehicles brakes failed a gene this time one of my staff almost killed himself, vehicle was taken in on a truck.
Brakes line had broken.
This is just what is on the services history, what they have not recorded is the paint peeling off areas on the bucky, the front seat which from 30000km started to tear and the leather now is none existent. turbo housing needed to be replaced, carpets never returned after a service.
The gear stick broke in half while driving!!!
The vehicle is a death trap and gwm centurion (atlantis motors) seem to care less, as fare as they are conceded as long as we have money to spend on services and repairing the on-going list they are happy!!!

On reserving the vehicle back after the last incident I had a meeting with wessie to discuss trading the vehicle in as this could not go on and I thought it only fair that I was willing to purchase a new vehicle from them that the cover the reminder of the settlement or create a deal for us to be able to trade in this was not done they would not meet us half way.

Garth bianchi
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  • Br
      10th of Apr, 2012

    " writhing in pure frustration " - Been there.

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      10th of Apr, 2012

    " writhing in pure frustration " - Been there.

    With much weeping and gnashing of teeth...

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