Gulf Oilcar service

so I went to this (7264 Gulf) gas station on 12/01/2015 to check my car since the check engine light was blinking but at the same time it was a rainy and called I reach out to one of the technician/ mechanic but before I said anything he gave me a look and said we don't have sticker. Well I am not here for that. I am here because my check engine light is on... I replied. He said okay I will look at it. And he went. After 20 minutes while still standing outside in the called, another mechanic came by and asked me if I am being helped, the first mechanic came and told him he will take care of me...then another 15 minutes passed...after standing close to 40 minutes outside, the first mechanic came and said we will charge you $35 dollar just for checking it and I said well why didn't you tell me that before? As I was so mad I went to my car thinking to go to next service center next to the Gulf station.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Alexandria, VA And the mechanic said do you think you would get it for free? is a common sense ...nothing is free. And I said back to him Common sense my A$$. He came straight to me while i was inside a car and said "go back to your [censored]ing country"...he was definitely looking for a stopped my engine and then went straight to the office looking for the Manger. as the Manger was on the phone i was waiting her to hung up the phone...while waiting for her Before i present my case he came and start speaking to her mentioning that i Used my local language to insult him (Not sure what Language he was referring too...but i can tell he is profiling me). while presenting my case to both the Manager and the Owner, he was still with the attitude and cursing. at this point i felt like they (Both the Manager and the owner) couldn't do any thing so I asked both the Manger and the Owner to can get corporate or head office number. they both replied we only have the company credit information number.

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