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I was called today by them concerning my husband. Someone got my husband's information and ordered a bunch of magazines. Well when I tried to explain it was fraudulent activity and that we canceled the card the man proceeded to get very rude then as he was slamming down the phone he called me a b****. A terrible company with even WORSE customer service.

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      Nov 29, 2012

    Please dont lie..all calls are monitored had someone actually done that, you would have received a phone call from a manager with an apology and if someone really did place the order using your husbands info, the call was recorded you could have proved that by having your husband on the phone with customer service to listen to tape, if it wasn't him they would have cancelled it!

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  • An
      Aug 03, 2016

    Gulf Coast Reader's is a scam! They called me and were telling me that I still owed for 20 months of subscriptions and on and on and they are extremely sneaky with the way they get information out of you and ask if you have gotten any damaged magazines or if they are arriving late, as the conversation continued she told me that she will give it to me for 49.95 a month instead of the previously agreed upon $79.95, to which I never agreed!!! Well after she was through lying to me she said her supervisor has to verify everything, please hold on, and she hung up on me! A few minutes later the supervisor calls me back and was on the fast track to getting me all signed up for something I don't want and I asked what I am agreeing to and that I have been trying forever to get my subscriptions cancelled, which happen to be with another company who operates in the same manner and they have gotten too much of my money and continue to do so. She told me oh no honey you don't have a subscription with us and I told her I absolutely do not want this subscription and she does not have my permission to take any money from my account. She had gone around in a backhanded way saying they have a card on file and I need to verify that information before I realized that this is a different company. They took $39.95 out of my account!!! She said they will refund it and will never charge me again. I absolutely do NOT trust them!!

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