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I too was scamed into their magazine deals know they are reporting me to collections and telling me that they will garnish my paychecks if I don't pay them!!! Has anyone found a way to get out of this? Any help or information would be great these guys are horrible to work with!!!

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  • Ba
      Nov 23, 2010

    Sounds like you placed any order over a telephone. Contracts that are binding which in this case you have a binding agreement are as follows : If the company said they would deliver some of value (I'm assuming they did) and the client (you) agreed to compensate you for that in some way, you have an agreement, whether this took place over the phone, in person, or via an email exchange. For an agreement to be binding, the company and the client simply need to agree on two things : The services you will perform, and what you will receive in exchange. In addition some states requires signatures. You are not in a signature state therefore are required to pay the contract agreed upon. I am assuming the company will accommodate your financial situation as most companies are now showing a trend in more flexible payment plans.

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  • Ju
      Sep 20, 2012

    i was talked into recieving magazines from the company gulf Coast readers.. all communication was verbal and done over the telephone
    i hav called numerous times to cancel my subscriptions for the magazines and was told it was to late to cancel as i didnt follow up per their procedures.
    I have told them i have a limited income and could not afford these magazines. The total payments of all these magazines comes out to over $900.00. Which is outragious and I told them.
    How do i get out of this contract and how do I cancel, I was told i could make higher payments to off set the total amount due which would lower it. I told them I still cannot do these amounts.
    Any and all information would be extremely helpfull. As I really need to get out of this contract.
    Is this binding and legitimate?
    I also recieving magazines which I never ordered and get bills for these also, which I ignore.
    thank you

    MY E-mail address is [protected] thank you Judi

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