Greyhound / ticket information

Al Mar 28, 2016 Detroit MI

I was trying to complete a purchase of a ticket online for my daughter from 3/24/2016-03/28/2016. Each time I would get to the submit payment screen and get an error message. We purchased the student advantage card and that took several tries to process. Finally I looked online to purchase same day tickets and they were sold out for the day and time that I was trying to purchase earlier in the week.
To avoid any further delay I had my daughter purchase her ticket from the greyhound terminal only to find that the prices listed were 35% higher than those online, even with the student discount. The agent only stated that they were supposed to go down.
Please explain to me how a system can be down for so long? I tried to purchase from several different computers, and the customer service agent's only advice was to check the card number.
Why are your online prices not inline with the prices at the terminal?
Why is it so difficult to purchase a ticket online?

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