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great vacations now / not able to receive refund

1 FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 866-941-8434

i am a senior citzen living alone on a very, very limited income. i was contacted by phone by a very nice, friendly high presure lady who really would not take no. she finally convinced me that this was a chance of a lifetime to travel. so needlessly to say i caved and purchased one of her packages. i have been trying to cancel this package for quite sometime with no success. the last person i talked to was rude, obnoxsus, and insulting. how do i cancel this package and get a refund issued to my discover card? thank you in advance for any and all

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  • Co
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    1. dispute the charge with Discover
    2. learn how to hang up the phone

  • Ti
      30th of Jul, 2009
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    I suggest you let them know you don't meet the income requirements to go to the timeshare presenations. Therefore, you can't use the vacations. Maybe that will get you somewhere. I know they have a limited time for their refund policy. Good Luck.

  • Sa
      10th of Aug, 2009
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    what do u mean? u called them?

  • Sa
      10th of Aug, 2009
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    you called then. why did you call?

  • Ni
      21st of Mar, 2010
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    To Shery Young, They should have told u that at any point after u purchased from them that u can not recieve ur money back regardless... Sorry and i thank everyone for their comments because i just purchased one and i wish i had researched it first

  • Je
      20th of Apr, 2010
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    I have just been Scammed!! Don't buy through them, go directly to a resort. I booked back in Feb 2010 and they told me everything was set. Now following up they didn't put me in the resort, but a cheap A*S hotel and told me they told me I was put there because I was a single young mother with 3 children. After calling the resort myself they were in shock and they told me they have never received a request, but it’s too late as they were book. The company told me today that they tired to transfer me to another place, but can’t because everyone is sold out! I called Bahama Bay & Spa Directly and was able to book with no problems for cheaper price. Today they are telling me they will not give back my money and I even purchased an upgraded package. This deal might be good for someone if you're looking to stay in a cheap hotel, but don't expect a resort. I'm planning on going after them to get back my money and make an official complaint. Let me know if anyone would like to join me as I lost over $300 and for what?!?! (Call me 240-446-1780). Please, please before you book with this company--Do Your Research!! It may work out, but most likely NOT. Why would you want to take the chance, personally from now on I’m going to book through a company with good standings and do research before hand. If you have money to throw away, then go ahead and take your chances. It’s a huge gamble as you may lose a lot of money as I have. OMG I just wish I would have read reviews on them prior to today! THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE!!!

  • Dd
      20th of Jul, 2010
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    Hi I, live in Tpa. Fl and purchased this pkg. for what started as 3 pkgs. 149.00/ 298.00/ and 398.00. A rental car through Enterprise, two adult tickets for one of Disney's theme parks. Now, I felt a jolting or tugging in my spirit that something was wrong, but I ignored what I felt cuz my family had been apart of several timeshares b4 actually hav'g one and due to the economy setbacks and our properties ours is sort in limbo!!! However much of the process was still the same but about 4- 5 times through dealing with them they seemed shoddy . They were suppose to followup 3 mins. with a call back but the call back never happened til the next day when I decided to pay from my debit card. I really had alot of whistles and red flags with this to b honest and now 4 days later... And last night I and my husband called the number cuz he asked me if I had heard anything from them and I told him to check his email and nothing so that's when called the 1800#
    and I thought let me look at the resort to see what it looks like and saw this complaint I don't think my husband saw these complaints cuz his apple didn't take him this route online thankfully I did and I'm going to cancel this RIGHT NOW trust that !!!

  • Dd
      20th of Jul, 2010
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    Ok, D. Davis as I stat'd I called the cust' svc # to cancel my reservat'n nd sp'k to Agnes who tried to give the run around, she transferred me to the Quality Ins. dept... I tld them I wanted a refund b'cuz I was not tld that I wld b staying n some ranky dank cheap hotel but rather at the actual summer bay resort and I didn't want to wait 30 days or longer nd not rec' anything or oops whatever whatever nd that I wanted to cancel now so he placed me on hold c'me bck nd sts'd ok Mrs. D... it's cancelled nd it will show up n 7 business day on ur credit card... still upset, called my husband nd t'ld h'm he advsd me to go bck in their site to c if it was infact called nd no not cancelled, called bck spk to a ctr. rep' named Norma who tried to expl'n nd I tld her that I started doing the resorts yrs. ago nd this process of how they do things explified no expansion for change nd in yrs later they wld evolve to still b on this level... Norma sts'd she understood nd appologized for them not informing me that the 99.00 dollars I paid was for a hotel rm w/ 2 beds to sleep 4 ppl however I wld need to upgrade at another fee as she proceed'd to tell me the cost wld now b 90.00 dollars per nite = 270.00 plus 15.00 per nite @45.00 now balancing 315.00 so I said tld her after I discussed this w/my husband I wld call her bck cuz she also said that they wld not b guaranting me that I wld b @ summer bay resort that it wld possibly b at bahama bay one of the other vacation stays whhhat I must have stupid on my forehead y wld I pay u 315.00 1st place thinking still that I wld b attending summer bay resort nd later after I get there I'm tld we wld b @ bahama... what if I decided to buy n2 the timeshares of hopes to b at summer bay never having seen it but only having seen bahama... Oh H... no anyway I led her to believe I needed to spk to my husband nd wld await her calling me on wed. if she's not there it wld b sunday. Meanwhile my time is still added on having this so called pkg. cuz I checked there site and it had not been cancelled... I tld my husband nd lol we laughed but I'm gonna now call my credit card company b'cuz since this was only 4 days ago technically the charge is really still n limbo ... so thank you guys for the heads up ... Just knw that u can drive over to Orlando stop at one of there vacation stay setup nd view the resort nd get a complimentary stay anyway or just get the tickets for the theme park as well even included if ur show to b a little reluctant to participate. Remember, They want u !!! I think I will just call my old resort nd let them knw my situation is better nd can keep it ... for some of u who want one u can now get the cheaper now anyway cuz of the economy cuz its like purchasing a short sale prop... or foreclosure prop. do a little research theres always more ways to skin a much love to u, peace nd I'm out ...

  • Lo
      3rd of Aug, 2010
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    Great Vacations Now is a total scam! This "compay" needs to be accountable for taking advantage of people and thier money. We all need to find a way to report them! I purchase a package in Feb 2001 and have encounter nothing but problems and additional fees with them in redeeming my package/resort stays. Please anyone out there please help in some vaild direction to how to report them and where????

  • Ro
      22nd of Jan, 2011
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    If anyone has time share any someone calls you that they can rent it for $$$$ dont belive anything they say Royal vacations or Tropical Vacations yes I was that stupid to think one would acualy do what they said they would its been more than a yr and nada, havent heard from them only IF I CALL THEM... call me 512-584-0572 I will tell you dont do it, , , , if it sounds to good really it is, , , , dont be scammed like I was...

  • Th
      24th of Jan, 2011
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    I am a single mother and live on a low income. The sales associates fail to tell you that there is an income guideline. When you go to book a room that is when they advise you about the income amount that is required. I can not get my money back. I can not believe this company has not been sued yet. I am gamed for a class action suit for sure. If nothing else, I hope people read this before purchasing. THE COMPANY IS A RIPP OFF !!! DO NOT FALL FOR THERE BS

  • Te
      6th of Apr, 2011
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    I received a call from this vacation company and they insisted in purchasing a vacation package which included hotel accommodations in different countries . Costa Rica, Spain and Florida. At first I said that I was not interested, but they insisted and insisted offering better price and I ultimately accepted. I haven't gone om vacation but my major interested was in Florida. I finally decided to go on vacation now and wanted to use the package that I bought last year. I made reservations and when I received the confirmation letter from the hotel and saw all the reviews of this hotel (Calypso Cay Way) all were saying negative things about this hotel of 157 comments I think only two were favorable and I believe is that ask some hotel employees to write something positive. When I called back I ask them for a refund because of all of these bad comments or if did can change this hotel to another one. They also make you take like a 90 hour tour and saying that they will give you 2 theme park tickets . The person that responded to me was rude, unprofessional and a with no manners at all. When they are offering this package they;re the nicest people but when you have a complain they treat like in the worse way . If someone is is going to buy something from this people, please do not let this happen to you. I lost $199.99 . Don't let them convince you. Please go to the hotels website and read all the reviews. They sell you a package that is suppose to be a premium package with good quality hotels and what are they doing is offering cheap hotels so that you have to upgrade to something better and then pay a lot more than the initial package . This is a complete scam do not fall for this. They go also by Preferred Guest Resorts, Summer bay resorts.

  • Va
      9th of Apr, 2011
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    i went throuhn the same thing m a single mother nw n its so hard 4me at the time of purchase my partner was with me n nw m bring my 1year old by myself sme here they culdnt take no 4an answer it fill like a fool n riped off i paid 685 n i nid that much cash rite nw n m trying to contact them 4a refund but no success, wat can i do

  • Da
      5th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Now they are calling me and want an Extension Fee of $89. The lies they told me about this and the NO REFUND deal are just what you would expect from people engaged in this kind of CRIMINAL ACTIVITY that takes advantage of Seniors, Single Moms, anyone with a LOW INCOME. This company is just a Go Between and it is Between The Mark or Pigeon and the Company that Sells Timeshare Condos. The Timeshare People all have Vaction Package Deals so this company Takes advantage of any and all Businesses that offer Travel Packages. The Orlando Scam requires that you meet with the Sales People for the Timeshares. They will immediately cut you off if you don't have the income to Qualify. Your GreatVacationsNow deal just went out the window.
    Your Age is another determiner for Qualification. GreatVacationsNow is just an intermediary they won't and they don't take any responsibility for ANYTHING.
    We need a CLASS ACTION SUIT we have to band together.
    Write email to me
    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    David A. Galliher

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