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We adopted a female great dane from Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love. Within 3 days we noticed the dog growling at our other dog, then attacking our other dog, also being aggressive towards other animals when we would walk her. She chewed a large blind in half, photos attached, until you could see blood on the blinds from her gums. We sent an email to the foster with our concerns and photos, with no response. This organization wilfully, knowingly and purposely withheld pertinent information about the aggressiveness of the animal. They lied about her aggression, how she was previously treated, her age, and I can only imagine what else that we didn't know about. GDFRL will take your money but not return your phone calls or emails and some of their fosters are just a joke. I DON'T recommend adopting any animal from this organization. They have poor professionalism, customer service and an attitude because our adoption didn't work out. The founder, Cinnamon Ellison was very rude and even posted negative things about the adoption on a social media site, FB. Don't waste your time with this organization.

Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love
Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love

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  • St
      20th of Mar, 2012

    I agree, and the dogs were brought together before purchase. Things were okay at their initial meeting but by day 2 she was aggressive with my other pet and it just became worse from there. Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love is my issue for not disclosing previous owner and or other adopter issues with the dog. When I contacted them about bringing the dog back, the owner, Cinnamon Ellison became a complete ### with an attitude as if this were completely my fault. I went out of my way to return the dog because they didn't want to make arragements to pick her up and when we got to the location to return the dog, she snatched the lease from us and said "I got her", and turned and walked off. No I'm sorry it didn't work out with you and Lillie, can I offer to help you find another dog at our facility. All entities whether profit or non-profit should be held to the same standards to release pertinent information, not just sale a dog to get it out of their facility. Then to try and defame my name on their social media site, FB by calling me stupid and irresponsible is uncalled for. They have since changed their FB page and removed all negative thoughts, but they keep changing the age of the dog. First she was 2, then she was between 2 and 3, now she's 18 months...really. A pack of lies and not sure she even knows the dogs real age. I feel sorry for the dog because without any proper training, she will be shifted from home to home. Extremely poor business practices on her part as well as the foster and she should be held accountable as business owner/founder. My purpose here is to make others aware of her ### attitude and business practices. There are other facilities to adopt a dog from who care, Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love cares about your money, nothing more.

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  • Ce
      20th of Mar, 2012

    I'm sorry Stephanie...every thing that we knew about Lillie was disclosed to you...everything. We can only know what the previous owner decides to tell us or put on their surrender papers. I will most gladly send you a copy of her surrender papers filled out by her previous owners and there is nothing at all about her being aggressive. They did have her living outside for over a year and we told you that. I also told you in an email and I will be happy to send you that email again or post to any forum you desire where I told you she needed to be crated during the day...that she was new to living in a house again and at not even 2 yrs old (she turns 2 in June) she is still a puppy and needs training. The foster home also NEVER had any issues with her. She lived with a small Beagle with her previous owners and with a Boxer and a Dane and 2 children in her foster home and had been great. Here is a video of her playing with 2 of my dogs and you can see she is not aggressive at all: I have also attached a photo of her with you and your dog. You said she was getting aggressive when you paid attention to your dog. A very common thing in rescue dogs is jealousy and resource guarding and information on rescue dogs was given to you when you applied telling you of their issues and what not to and what to expect. You gave her 2 weeks and in that time did you ever contact a trainer? The only email I ever received from you was one about the torn blinds and I told you she needed to be crated and offered you never even replied to that email and then I got the email that you needed to return her. You never contacted me about the so called aggression to even ask for help or advice before you had already made the decision to give up on her. I did not snatch the leash...and yes I had her...I wanted you to see as I walked her up to every dog that was there that day that she was fine...fine with the right person and the right introductions. One of the other Danes there even barked and growled at her and all she did was stand there and look at him. She never raised a lip or a hair on her back. I'm sorry you have felt wronged...but we have seen absolutely no evidence of anything you have said Lillie has done besides tearing up your blinds and we disclosed every single thing that we knew about Lillie to you whether you believe it or not. And I do believe the first thing I did was to give you your money back... no questions no...we don't just care about the money. We care about placing our dogs with adopters that understand them and that they are not perfect and there is an adjustment period and are committed and willing to work with them.

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  • St
      21st of Mar, 2012

    I appreciate your apology but it changes nothing. Your actions were uncalled for when we brought Lillie to you and your comments on FB were just a slap in the face and extremely unprofessional. Sure you gave my money back, but your total disregard by walking away was unnecessary and inappropriate. Then you allowed others to comment on and on in your social media FB page. I did screen capture all the negativity before it was deleted for future reference. I did reach out to your foster, Kimberly Tisdale, about what was taking place, she didn't respond or call. Then when she did respond, days later, via email, she asked me to call her so she could inform me about Lillie. I returned her phone call at home and on her cell, spoke with her husband and left a message for her to call me back. No return call or email, so at that point I reached out to you. You, nor Kimberly, never officially said who needed to be contacted if we had issues, but I did reach out to you BOTH. You even made the comment to me to let you know if she didn't get back to you as she was slow to respond. I did just that.

    All emails I exchanged with you both have been forwarded to the BBB along with my complaint. The sad part of this story is Lillie. I hope she finds a wonderful home.

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  • Ce
      25th of Mar, 2012

    First...I was not apologizing but letting you know everything was disclosed. I walked away to start to CORRECTLY introduce her to the dogs there and see if I could produce any of the behaviors you said she had...which I was unable to...she was a perfect angel the whole time she was there. I told you she needed a crate...why did you not respond to that email I sent if you are so upset about no one getting back to you?? You emailed me with a problem and I immediately responded to you with the solution and you never responded. Did you ever get a crate? Did you ever try that at all??? It is your fault if you waited around for Kim. You should have emailed me directly since I always responded to you each and every time you ever emailed me during the adoption process and after. Again...Kim never witnessed any of the behaviors you claim...I have witnessed none of the behaviors you have claimed either. She is back in foster care and doing wonderful and of course being crated so she has not torn up one thing. You are inexperienced and did not or were not willing to do the crating we told you and if you really cared about Lillie...when you saw she was not responding to you maybe you should have reached out to a trainer. Trainers are just as much a benefit for the OWNER as for the dog...sometimes it is the OWNER that needs the education and training much more than the dog. It is a bonding process and something you evidently didn't want to take on.
    So...if you would like to go on slamming us now...and trying to the rescue then go ahead. Our reputation an track record reflect otherwise and here are the cold hard facts of what a GREAT rescue we are:
    Since we began just 3 yrs ago we have taken in 254 dogs... we have 26 available for adoption right now.
    90 dogs adopted out last year alone
    Avg cost to get a "healthy" dog vetted to include shots...hw test...wormed and spayed or neutered $300 (does not include monthly hw and flea meds while in foster care)
    We have treated 10 dogs for HW this past year ( $450 each)... several cases of Demodex along with skin infections (Approx. $350 for diagnosis and treatment with meds.)...extra training through the Dog Wizard for behavior problems ($600 per dog ie: Max and Damon) Miya's 2 ACL surgeries for a total of $4200...Max's surgeries and complications and meds, $7000...Bear was HW treated and then went into renal failure and we spent an extra $1000 for treatment and meds and follow up testing and special food...Marco $500 extra for his dog flu hospitalization and meds...Luna's orthopedic surgery for her leg $4000...Greta's surgery for her abscess from her spay complications (exam...meds...follow up) $1000... Kane who was hit by a car and abandoned by his owners...cost of surgery and rehab $7000 Plus there are several current dogs on our medical fund page that you can pull from.
    And of course our 2 Wobblers boys Jax and Jackson who require ongoing care to include accupuncture...testing...supplements and prescription meds who will most likely be with us forever.

    Lillie will find a WONDERFUL home...with WONDERFUL deserving owners...I can promise you that.

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  • Je
      23rd of Dec, 2014

    While I will not call names, I will say that our experience with Cinnamon was identical to others. We have never 'returned' a dog, but felt that after working very hard with a wonderful trainer we simply felt we could not keep Tessa. I still get so sad when I think of this sweet dog. But after multiple incidents that were escalating we knew we should not (not could not, but SHOULD not) keep her any longer. It was a heart wrenching decision. Not only did we feel the anger of the organization, via Cinnamon, but we were also so saddened that no one felt the need to get a history from us about the incidents that occurred.

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