Goodwill Laundry & Linen Services / Goodwill Laundry can't keep nobody in that department

6055 North 91st Street, Milwaukee, WI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 414-847-4950

Goodwill Laundry can't keep nobody and good co-workers in that department, Goodwill Laundry ain't nothing but trouble.They use you like a pawn in a chess game.The only departments that pay more money is cleaning/custodian, and the store.Goodwill Laundry is not a good place to work, because the management, the co-workers start trouble and start problems with you and lie on you in that department.In 2007 They did me wrong and They did these laundry co-workers wrong Raymond Perez, Mark Wells, Jerry Smiley, Frederick Riley, Reginald Bolden, Jonetta Anderson, Danita Scott, Joseph Droese, John O' Brien, Sandra, Anthony Mills, Willie Woods, Gordon Gonzalez, Tyrona Martin, Katrina Schultz, Ruth Sykes, Leon Patterson, and Lenora Thomas.In 2015 they did Herman Adams, Willie Ward, Sam and Eskiel Collins wrong by laying them off.Do not apply at Goodwill Laundry and Do not work there.Save the trouble and Save the hassle, Please don't work at Goodwill Laundry. If you do work there same thing will happen to you out there.

Jul 14, 2015

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