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I purchased a car stereo system with the Extended Service Plan. When I got it all home and my brother began to install it, we discovered the subwoofer was broken. I had to go back to the store and exchange it. Everything else seemed to be fine, until around April when my CD Changer began skipping. By July it was skipping so frequently that it was no longer playable and it was obvious something was wrong with the unit. Since I know very little about electronics, I didn't feel comfortable so I made an appointment with the car installation department. I went to the store at the time of my appointment and looked around and I couldn't see the install dept. anywhere. I asked the guy at the counter, he said that the install department is about a mile down the street. I asked him why nobody told me this when I called and made an appointment he shrugged and walked away. the gentleman at the shop in the install department was so rude to me and he refused to remove my CD Changer as it wasn't installed by Good Guys. When I purchased the system I asked if it made any difference who installed it, as I never intended to pay The Good Guy's outrageous Install prices. I told him that the salesman told me that who installed the system had absolutely no bearing on ESP service. He said then I better go talk to him because I'm not touching it after a lengthy argument he finally removed it, making a big display of how much he hated doing it. When he was finished, he set the CD Changer on my trunk floor and walked away. I politely asked him where he was going and why he wasn't taking my CD Changer with him. He then informed me that sending equipment out for repair was not his job and I'd have to go back to the store. I am already fed up with this type of treatment. I wished I had purchased from some where else.

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