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Gold's Gym Membership / billing issue

1 2134 West Union BlvdBethlehem, PA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 610-882-4088

I canceled over a year and a half ago. They just finally canceled my membership in december of 2008. I couldn't cancel my bank account since my ex-wife and I were on the same joint account. Now that she has her own with her new job, I can now cancel and go to a different bank to start fresh again which I shouldn't have to. However, after contacting the gold's gym and the corporate account numerous times, I knew I needed to take action since I was informed that a 3 month reimbursement is the only amount allowed to be given to me due to their "policy". This is not about a policy! This is about the fact that gold's gym took money out of my account illegally and I want my full reimbursement back into my account! All of it! I canceled my account and did exactly what I was told to do and gold's still took money out for 18 months straight. Better business has been contacted and so has the morning call.

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  • Vi
      8th of Jul, 2010
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    I signed a one year gym membership agreement back in April of 2009 with the Gold's Gym in Hollywood, Fl. I called to cancel the membership in the beginning of 2010 (early), they looked my name up in their system and they advised me that I signed for a year and I wasn’t able to cancel before the contract was up. At that time, they also advised me that I would no longer be billed after April of 2010. I understood as I signed a one year agreement and said no problem. Then, I was surprised when I noticed that I was billed for May and June of 2010 on my credit card. I called once again and was advised for the first time that it wouldn't be cancel automatically and that my membership is on "continuous" cycle until I informed them that I no longer wanted the membership. I expressed that I didn’t want the membership as I already signed up for LA Fitness and was told previously that I would no longer be billed once my year was up. I attempted to cancel the membership then and there. I was then informed that I would have to come in to sign cancellation papers and I wasn't able to do anything over the phone. At this point, I told them that I have been staying in West Palm Beach for the summer and that I had a hectic work and school schedule. They apologized and still insisted that I come in to the gym, they never specified that I had to come in on a certain day or time. So, I came into Gold's gym on 6/26/2010 at 12:30PM to find out that I wasn't able to simply cancel my membership. I was advised that I would have to come in and speak to the general manager between Monday-Friday 1-6 PM. I once again explained that I work between that time frame and was staying far away for the summer and that it would be impossible for me to come in between that time. They didn't offer any assistance, didn’t let me sign cancellation papers, and I feel as if they just want to keep billing me. The staff handed me the GM's business card with the name Ken Rothschild and wrote 1-6PM on it and told me that she wasn’t able to assist me and that I would have to speak with him directly. She then even told me that it would take an additional 30 days and I would also incur a cancellation fee. I am tired of being given the run around and would like to get my money back from May and June of 2010 as I did not use the membership and I was constantly misinformed by their sales staff. I am paying for two gyms simultaneously and the gym offers no assistance and refuses to let me cancel my membership! This whole thing is at a point where it’s getting ridiculous and as a person in the customer service industry, this is simply appalling!

  • Al
      9th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I was a member of Golds Gym since 2005, I moved in October2011 therefore my membership needed to be cancelled. I wrote a letter to ABC financial and asked them to cancel my member ship the letter stated “please consider this as my thirty day notice and stop charging my credit card”. ABC financial did not charge the last months payment even though my latter clearly stated “Consider this a thirty days notice” which in my opinion meant stop charging my credit card after 30 days. Now a 34 dollar fee has been changed to 202 dollar with added fee attached. I have no problem paying the 34 $ fee but for a simple English misunderstanding should not be that expensive. I did not receive any letter from ABC financial except one dated feb 5th. I was notified of this situation when I called ABC financial on March 8th. I should have received adequate notice since I have been receiving mail from my old address I can only speculate that no other notice or letter was send to me by ABC financial.
    Now I am being harresed by creditors I need help. If any body else has such issues with Goldsgym please send me an email at maybe we can band together.

  • An
      27th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Same here! I cancelled my membership at the 1001 Brannan St. Golds Gym in San Francisco in late November 2010 by 1st class mail giving thirty day notice since I moved away. They continued to charge me. A visit to the location yielded nothing. I sent a certified letter and got this horse manure email answer from a person named Cat Young:
    "Gold’s Gym is in receipt of your certified cancellation letter mailed 5/23/11.
    No prior cancellation letter had been received prior to this date.
    You have been removed from the June debit & there will be no further debits.
    Thank you"

    I will take them to small claims court and add all expenses, cost, etc to my refund! What a shyster operation they are!

  • Ka
      20th of Jun, 2013
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    Gold's Gym Membership - Not following contract agreement
    Gold's Gym
    2445-8882 170 St, Edmonton, AB T5T 4M2
    Phone: (780) 484-4653

    Gyms have gained the reputation of having unreasonable contract that can catch members especially when they attempt to cancel. Knowing this, I was very careful when completing and signing the contract with Gold's Gym. Many complaints are from customers who are upset about unfair practices that were in the fine print of their contract. I am not one of these people. I read the fine print and made sure everything was in order before I signed. I found their cancellation policy of 91 days with a registered letter is excessive but I was aware and my complaint does not pertain to this. I had a month to month contract with there being no cancellation fee which was reflected in the written contract (as the manager stated I could cancel after a month but would need to wait the 91 days). After about 7 months, I initiated the cancellation process and clarified that the registered letter was received and when the final payment would be charged. Again, my part of the contract had been fulfilled by paying regularly during my membership, and following the cancellation policy as outlined. I continued to be charged after this deadline. The company was unprofessional on many levels and I could go on with all the details but I will simplify the problem by saying most of it stemmed from NO ONE taking the time to actually read my contract. Secondly, they are antagonistic in dealing with customers in general and a great deal of effort was required to get them to move to resolution. Frankly, only when I started to call on a daily basis, were they annoyed enough to actually follow through. Over 30 phone calls later over approximately 3 months was needed. To any potential customer, SAVE YOURSELVES! Even with an iron clad contract in writing, you may go through a horrible situation.

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