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Golden Eagle Leasing LLC / Credit Card Machine and Lease

1 3356 A South Church StBurlington NC, NC, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 336-586-7007

I have returned there amchine and I still get statements and invoices form them. Do they have no heart. They have had my machine for over 3 months and they are still looking for my payment. My lease agreement has long been up and they even told me over the phone that I could buy the machine outright or somply return the machine. I returned it. they have tried to debit my account. I have stopped that and now they send me statements. What a bunch of greedy ###. I welcome a day or reckoning with them. They had a lady tell me to return it or buy it and Ireturn it. They are either a bunch of ###s and/or a bunch of crooks. I hope they take action because I have my leagal team on the ready and am ready to sue them for harrasment. How stupid can you be. They are the ones that told me to send it back and the lady even gave me the correct address to send it to.
Ungrateful bunch I'll tell ya. They will get whats coming to them.

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  • Sa
      6th of Oct, 2008
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    Consider yourself fortunate. I returned my equipment almost 4 years ago, certified return receipt. Got no receipt nor my equipment back. They have been threatening me for the entire time. I had to switch banks in order to stop them from continuing to debit my account. I almost hope they take "legal action" so I can present the myriad complaints filed against them for fraudulant business tactics. I intend to show the scam reports against them and have the entire case thrown out and, I hope, have them fined and held accountable for their unethical and illegal actions.
    Good luck to you as well.

  • Li
      3rd of Mar, 2010
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    They have been deducting a monthly payment from my bank for over 5 or 6 years. I can't find anyone who can stop this. My lease agreement was for 3 years. My bank can't stop the deductions.


  • Sh
      3rd of Sep, 2010
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    Golden Eagle has been taking payments from my bank account since 1998, in which my contract with them expired in 2000. I have no equipment. Had a few Problems with the Bank stopping this activity becasuse of ACH Laws. However, I did manage to get a STOP PAYMENT on any withdrawl from my account equal to the amount they have been taking. Stop Payment fees are less than what they have been taking out. Now Getting tons of letters from them about this payment regarding a lease that I haven't had for almost 10 years now. I will not call them, I will find out the email adress and I will file a complaint with the BBB. And I will, and I mean, I will take legal action against them. I have filed a complaint with the Fraud Department of my bank...but because of ACH laws that was a pain too! Not only do these types of companies need to be stopped the ACH Laws Need to be Changed. Will see how it works out, as I have had Bank Problems, Fraudulant Transactions by some companies, etc... And although I am no lawyer... I have not lost yet! Best recommendation I can give is read and learn all the rules and regs regarding your Bank Accounts, and any contract you may have with a company and use it against them... Cause they always seem to read only the part that protects them and assume we don't read the parts that protect the consumer.

  • Me
      30th of Oct, 2010
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    I know your frustration. I have dealt with same with these [censor]. My late wife was conned by them. I they collected the machine. But held her accountable. They went through another crook TBF Financial. Filed a lein on my rental property. Again though [censor]s went through court proceedings in Conneticut and filed against my property.
    I was never informed of this until I tried re-financing. Those cocksuckers are crooks. My late wife defeated them in small claims court in Nevada. But it seemed they connived a way around the court decision. To date I have expended $ 7000+ in legal costs to amend this. But these [censor]s seem to skirt the legal system. In short, they're blatant racketeers. I am still in processing of legal issue against them. I pray to god I shut those [censor] down. There is no way in hell I will settle with payment with these theiving con-artists. [censor] them

  • Bo
      17th of Jun, 2011
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    7930 ALAMEDA
    El Paso
    United States
    Phone: 915-860-9597

    they have been charging me for more than five years. this is ridiculous

  • Ji
      11th of Nov, 2018
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    Golden Eagle Leasing LLC - contract
    New York
    New York
    United States

    I have been constantly been harass by this company for a lease that was done in my name as an office manager, owner canceled the Golden Lease, and Golden lease constantly calling me even thou I know longer work for the company and they are trying to sue me and harass me sick of these bast***! Biggest rip off out there...Buyer Beware

  • Es
      28th of Nov, 2018
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    I am going through the same thing. I have send them everything. They keep on harassing me. Please help. They are ruthless people.
    What do I do. I have no way of paying them. They want to send me to the legal route:( any sujjestions for me. Thank you. God bless

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