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GNS / refuse to cancel and stop billing $79.90

1 6452 Fig Street, unit AArvada, CO, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 303-456-5253

This is a huge SCAM run by GNS. They offer diet pills ACAI berry for free, just pay $3.97 shipping charge, with 30 days trail period and 100% money back guarantee. When and if you received the product- you will informed that you now only have 21 days from the time you placed the order to the time they need to receive the product back to them before charging you. Even if you managed and were lucky enough to return it on time, well, it doesn't matter. There will be no refund and don't bother with getting a delivery notification because it won't help and the Return Authorization #, useless. I contacted a local Post Office and unfortunately, they are familiar with this company who is known to REFUSE ALL returns to them. After 21 days from order date, you will be charged $79.90 and this will continue until you cancel your Credit card.

Here are some things you can do:

Dispute the charge from your credit card company immediately. If you live near their address: 6452 fig street, unit A, arvada, co 80004, visit them.

File a complaint at and Attorney General Better Business Bureau

Also, contact businesses near them and inform them of this scam and urge them to get with others in the community to help put pressure on these people to stop.

Westwoods Center of Performing Arts, 6452 Fig St, Unit D, [protected]

Colorado Precision Machining, 6452 Fig St, Unit F, [protected]

Doppelmayr Ctec, 6452 Fig St, Unit B, [protected]

Here is a timeline of my ordeal.

Order on 1/29 at 7pm. Call and email to cancel 1/30 at 9am. Received pills on 2/10. Did not open. Return same day with Return Authorization number. Got charged for shipping. Found out recently from Post Office, this company doesn't accept returns. No record of my return received from them. Charge again for $79.90. Sometime you make a decision and then you realized you shouldn't have or you find out the product is not right for you. If there was a warranty expressing Full return within 30 days even for an empty bottle and I returned mine unused. There is No reason to continue charging me. This is just bad business. I think if we are going to get any money back or stop this so one of our friends, or love one won't find themselves in our shoes, we have to unite, spread the word, and make official complaints to agencies listed above. With enough complaints, I've read there might be a chance for a class-action lawsuit file against them.

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  • De
      26th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    They ripped me off also and claimed they can't find my cancelation in there system. and that if I could come up with a cancelation confirming number they will refund my money. I never talked to anyone it was all done via e-mail because they keep you on hold for over an hour. did call my credit card company and said they'd handle it. $129.80!!! I was taken for. I cancelled them twice. I also put in a complaint with the bbb.

  • Pe
      7th of Mar, 2009
    -2 Votes

    #, read terms and conditions before you give your credit card to any company.

  • Pe
      7th of Mar, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Free trial and 30 day money back guarantee... read terms and conditions before you order stupid!

  • Re
      13th of Mar, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Total agreement with the person who said read terms and conditions. all people see is free and then they order.

  • Ll
      20th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I filed a complaint with the bbb. the exact thing happened to me except that they received my product return and said it was not within the 30 days from the date of order. I had contacted them several times and was promised that I could start my 30 period from the date that I had been debited on my account as a courtesy. she never put that in the notes so I practically had no leg to stand on. I talked to a very nasty "supervisor" and hung up. filed the complaint and then tried one more time. after a 30 minute wait, the lady I talked to went to the "supervisor" and all they could do for me was to credit half back to my account. I thought he was full of it but I agreed half is better than none and this time I got names and confirmation numbers. I probably could have held out for more but I had had it by this point.

  • Ji
      26th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Class action? count me in! their phone order representative flat out lied that the free trial was absolutely free if I calledthem to canceled future orders within 30 days. on 3/12/09 I did that and got a confirmation number to stop any future billing, on 3/26/09 I found a pending charge of $79.90 from gns. the companies phone rep. told me to ship back the product for a complete refund. I got an return authorization number and will ship product back today. I have zero confidence that I will be rembursed without a fight. so I will dispute the charge with my bank. please include me in any action against this bunch of criminals.

  • Ac
      18th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    his is a huge rip-off. The requirement to return the product so as not to be billed 79.90 for some useless junk is buried in fine print. When I received my shipment, there was no invoice, no cancellation instructions. no information on how to contact GNS. When you place an order, you receive no email confirmation with the terms of the order (cancellation, return, etc.)...nothing.

    When I finally figured out how to contact GNS and advised of cancellation, I received a cancellation confirmation BUT AGAIN, no instructions that I had to return the product for a free trial. They sent me a letter saying the had repeatedly tried to contact me...a blatant lie. They offered to cut the price in half which I declined...I had been misled, miscommunicated and I offered to return the unopened, unused product. "It's of no use to us" was the doubt, no use to them or anyone.

    Anyone supporting these charlatans is a shill for them, probably an employee posting. Reading the FINE PRINT does no good when you can't figure out how to contact them, when they don't send you and invoice or instructions with the shipment, etc. The business model is to catch people in a time-dependent, poorly communicated trap...period, end of question.

  • Bl
      9th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Help! How do I get out of this?

  • Gn
      23rd of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    To: jim mcmurray

    Please contact us at 1800-595-4670 so we can gladly assist you. we are sorry you had such a difficult and bad experience with us. we would like to offer our assistance and rectify the situation. if you have not received a refund yet, please contact us at the above number so we can discuss a monetary refund.

    Gns supervisor

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