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GM / electrical system

1 16405 E 117th AveCommerce City, CO, United States

Massive electrical problems.

1. While going 10 miles an hour, the speedometer jumps to 120mph then to 50mph then to 120mph

2. When I fill up with gas, the gas gauge states that the tank is still empty then moves to full then to

a 1/4 then to full then to half etc...
3. While driving at night, my headlights go highbeam to low beam as if I am manually flashing my

lights at other cars.

I have read on the internet where this is happening to many many people with this same model of

Chevrolet SUV and that GM refuses to do anything about this.

-I called GM and advised them of the entire issue. They advised me to go to a dealership and have

them run a diagnostic as this was needed before they could help me.

-I Went to the dealer and Paid $115 for the diagnostic, needless to say the repairs that the dealer

found ranger over $3000.00 dollars.

-I then called GM back and they took the information that the dealer gave me (Donna at [protected]-

5700 x21153)

-I just got a call back from GM stating that because of the milage on the SUV that they were not

going to do anything (they KNEW about the mileage before they sent me to the dealership!). So I

wasted $115 dollars for something that was NOT needed by GM, and the fact that they knew about

the mileage to start off with is a way to let the dealer make some money off the consumer.

I have owned GM automobiles ever since I was a licensed driver (Nova, Lumina, S10, 2 Monte

Carlo's, and this piece of junk Trailblazer) in back in 1982. I have never had this much trouble with a

automobile before and to get absolutely NO assistance with the manufacturer is just beyond my

understanding. I even filed a complaint with the safety administration and they will do NOTHING as


So it comes down to this, GM is a crappy auto manufacturer. They have my stimulus money that

Congress gave them to continue business. I am now thinking that this was an extremely bad mistake

on the part of the US Congress, as they treat consumers like garbage. They will NEVER issue a

recall even though there are thousands of people with these problems.

If there is a lawyer out there that would like to start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, please contact me,

as I want to make GM pay for thier inferior product, and I am sure that many many others would go in


Ron Girard
16405 E 117th Ave, Commerce City, Colorado 80022

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