Global United Arbitration / extortion,illegal debt collection, harassment

1 13432 Noth Road, Alden, United States
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Phone: 716-989-0830 or 844-714-2294

A message was left on my answering machine by Global United Arbitration on 3/7/2014 for my daughter who does not live here. The message was very intimidating, stating that '"It is your best interest to call or have your council call." The message mentioned a returned check but did not mention that the call was from a debt collector. When I returned the call I was told that my daughter had committed "bank fraud" and the woman proceeded to rattle off legal charges that would be filed and a warrant issued if the matter was not resolved immediately. She told me that anything over $1000 is a felony and that my daughter owed nearly $2000. She forwarded my call to a Mr. Phil Bufulco who continued the illegal collection tactics. I have digital recordings of three phone calls

Mar 8, 2014

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