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I received the phone call from one lady from the company Global Connect Cloud. She stated that my computer was hacked and it contained a lot of viruses. I don’t know why, but I believe her. I paid for the protection, and after that I realized that it was scam, because she didn’t provide any proof that my computer was in danger. She fooled me. These people are scammers and liars, who take money for nothing. Please post your comments about this company.

Apr 26, 2014
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  • Ja
      18th of Jun, 2014

    Not being so computer savvy, I was quite troubled on how to fix my PC which was not working that fast. There may have been a thousand reasons for the same. Recently, I got a call from someone who said he was a technical engineer and worked with Global Connect Cloud and offered to help me fix my system remotely. Well, I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning but the guy I spoke to was patient and helped me fix the issue. Though it took a very long time to fix the issue, it was taken care of the ends. And for me all’s well that ends well. I am pleased to have used the services of Global Connect Cloud. Thank you Global Connect Cloud Team for fixing my PC. I would love to use their services in future as well. I will also recommend their services to my family and friends.

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  • Dy
      3rd of Jul, 2014
    Global Connect Cloud - Helpful Service
    Global Connect Cloud
    Phone: + 44-2033180712

    I recently dealt with Global Connect Cloud techies. I found them to be nice, cheap and professional. I am quite happy with their services. Will use them in future and will also refer them to my friends.

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  • Ja
      28th of Mar, 2015

    Just had a phone call asking if lived in a certain area, because they were cutting off my server. When I tried to explain that I didn't live there, they became rude and abusive and hung up the phone. Upon ringing them back and asking to speak to a manager, again they were rude and abusive and told me, that I couldn't speak to a manager and again hung up on me. Best thing is I don't have computer connected to my internet at home.

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  • Gl
      16th of Apr, 2015

    This company is 100% SCAMMERS, no doubt
    Firstly, I work in IT as a tech person so I am quite aware of the scams around today.
    A friend of mine received a call from Global Connect Cloud, called me advising me that they had contacted him and even though he hung up on them, they kept calling back. I told him to go along with them but when they asked him to run commands on his PC to tell them that he could not reach his computer from his landline and to call him on his mobile but to give them my mobile number instead..
    A few minutes later, I received a call from Global Connect Cloud so I went along with him, I was driving at the time but as I am IT tech savvy, I was able to go along with him giving me instructions etc.
    He gave me instructions like “click start, run, eventvwr and look for errors. “click start, then run, type inf hacker files”, which when typed will take you to the windowsinf folder, the run command ignores everything after the space…
    This went on for about 25 minutes (I was still driving) until he asked me to install some software so he could remotely access my PC and then I told him that I wasn’t going to download or install anything as the only thing I knew about him was that he was a scammer getting me to run bogus commands, I told him that I didn’t even have a windows computer as I was running a Mac. He was quite forward saying that even after he showed me all the problems why didn’t I believe him. I replied with “I’ve been driving this whole time mate” and told him that I was in IT and knew about his bogus command. He said his name was Michael so I told him to run “inf Michael” on his computer.
    He got quite nasty over the phone telling me that he was going to block my ID so none of my computers would access the internet. I told him he was dreaming and I was only keeping him on the phone as long as possible to prevent him calling someone else that wasn’t quite as savvy as me and may actually give him access to their PC as many have done.
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, for your own benefit, NEVER let anyone remote into your computer that you do not know who they are and NEVER give them access if they call you first.

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