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I responded to an add about a Yorkie Puppy for sale. The reply stated
Hi there,
I appreciate your interest in my puppies. i have adorable
puppies.there are home raised, potty trained, well
socialized with kids and also get along perfectly with other house
pets . they are pure breed and are both
registered. . they are updated on all
their shots and will come along with a year health guarantee each. I
am offering my puppies for adoption to any loving and caring home .,
i will like to know the following from you
just to make sure the puppies are going to loving and caring home.
where are you located ? state, city ?
have you ever owned a puppy before ?
do you have kids or anyone that can always keep the puppy(s) company?
how soon do you want the puppy(s)
do you smoke inside the house ? because the puppies are allergic to smoking
do you want both puppies or just one and if one, then what sex ?
Thanks for your time and have a nice day

I responded minimal but the information requested. She explained she would ship through G K airfreight. I researched the company and saw that it was a legit pet shipping company and soon I sent my money gram payment and recieved an email from GK freight stated she(the dog) had been booked. Then I needed insurance coverage for the flight that would be refunded. I informed the woman I wasn't paying that cost. She agreed on halfing the cost. I confirmed that payment. We texted continuiously and she seemed very logical and concerned with the fact that the dog hadn't left the airport due to the extra fees she said she was in aware of. The next day I Got a notification the Dog was good to go but the weather required a thermal electrical crate. To there luck the temperature has dropped tremdiously in the past 24 hours here. It also stated it would be refundable. I told her I was paying no more money. She said it would be taken care of. I got an email that said once that was paid she would be at my address no later than 9:00 pm. She never showed up. I texted the number we had been communicating on the past days, no reply. Still. DO NOT AGREE TO ANY PAYMENT THROUGH GF FREIGHT. THE NAME OF THE PERSON IS ANGELA. Email address [protected] and [protected]!

Mar 19, 2016
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  • An
      Jul 27, 2016

    Here is my similar situation: First, I will begin with USA Pets Delivery, based out of Springfield MA. is the website. The phone number to this fake scam shipper is [protected], and is a "Magic Jack" phone line. I was scammed out of $580.00, once I paid fake Bengal breeder, Mr. Ngang (which I am getting to) The Western Union payment was made to a Jean Pierre Combati. The amount was for fake 99% refundable insurance to ship a kitten I had already paid for. According to Combati, this was a new regulation, since the kitten was under 20 weeks of age. He said the kitten could not be put on flight until this was paid, but would be refunded upon my taking possession of the kitten. Obviously enough, he works with a man who runs a fake Bengal kitten site. The site is also a scam and there is no such cattery as Nexus Bengals. is a fake and a scam. The man goes by Knene Elvis Ngang. His phone number is [protected]. He was extremely fast to respond to initial contact and all questions up until he stole all of the money he could get out of me. He had me send a MoneyGram via Wal-Mart for $500.00 for the kitten up front, before I was contacted by the fake shipper. As soon as the shipper picked up the Western Union money, I never received another communication from either party. I have called and emailed and text both parties countless times over the past two days. I am sent to voice mail or ignored. Never once to receive a response since sending the second payment. Needless to say, there is no kitten. I have filed a police report, and contacted the actual home owner at the address the fake breeder provided me with, so that he is able to file a report in Springfield, MA. This person had to have an official ID to pick up the money, not to mention that the phone number to the fake cattery comes up listed to the same address as the unsuspecting actual owner of the property. This home owner, who is very legitimate, had no clue who this person is or that his rental property is being used in a theft ring. I have reported both sites as unsafe, and intend to post to as many Bengal scam sites as possible to prevent this from happening to others. I have email threads from both scammers, fake invoices, contracts, vet certificates, shipping documents, and proof of my payment and that these jerks picked up the money and ran. I am happy to show anyone who is interested in seeing these. I have an open case filed against these people now in Houston, where the transactions took place, and the homeowner is taking care of the investigation with the Springfield, MA police department. I think it may have been his one mistake, using a false address. I am pretty sure the scammer had no idea that eventually someone would pull the tax roll and find, then contact the actual owner of the residence that he claimed to live at. The money was sent to Springfield, MA. The home address is listed there, also. The two individuals had to possess ID with the address, so they are close by or someone at the rental property knows or is related to these two scammers. I'm just beginning, but I will keep digging until get these thieves! Please pass along this info to anyone looking to buy a Bengal kitten!!!

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  • Je
      Jun 01, 2017

    Was the address: 34 Goethe Boston, MA 02132?

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