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Sold an unwanted gift card to this company on December 31, 2015. The end of January called to see statis as I had not heard anything. Was told that it was in "processing" and I would receive an email soon with details. On February 4th, received an email saying check would be sent in 5 business days. When I did not receive the check, I called and was told that email went out, but really didn't mean anything! After several attempts to get a definitive answer to no avail, I filed a complaint with the Maryland Better Business Bureau. They were quite helpful. Went back and forth with emails several times. Promises were made, but still no check! In desperation, filed a complaint with the Maryland States Attorneys Office, and was told that were many complaints with that company. After three weeks of filing, I received a check.

This company is a fraud! A scam! Do not trust them! If I hadn't filed a suit, I am quite sure, I would have never been paid.

Apr 09, 2016

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