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1 POBox5265, Hopkins 553432265, MN, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1 800 475 1942

As a "benefit"connected with a purchase made from a TV ad selling a Monster Steamer, I subscribed to a trial membership to ValuePlus (my subscriber #[protected]). According to Value Plus brochure received, I should be able to logonto which would allow me to apply for the free $50.00 gift card. The web does not recognize this site. I called the above number-agent said he had received no complaints & I should be able to go there to apply for my $50 gift card. I think this must be a scam company. I am disappointed with this service. Can you tell me anything about this company? I am Betty House, [protected], 395 old goshen road, alvaton, ky. 42122 Thank you.


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  • Dl
      May 03, 2009

    I also tried to get my promiced $50.00 gift card from Value plus and was unable to retrieve it for the on line web site so I called the Value Plus 800 number and was told I should be able to sign up on line but that he would send me a form through the mail. Well guess what? I never recieve anything from them so I canceled the service. I wish I knew how and who to contact to keep these companies from scaming us.
    DLA from Indiana

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  • To
      Jun 29, 2009

    This outfit is the perfect example of an on-line scam. I hope the FCC will look into this company.

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  • Vl
      Jul 04, 2009

    I also was sent a letter saying "AS PROMISED, we're giving you $50 in gift cards of your choice..." Well, of course there is NO WEBSITE to obtain the gift cards.

    I found there phone number in the letter -1-800-475-1942 and spoke to
    "Mercedes". When I told her that there is no web page to order the card her basic answer was "I'm not responsible for technical support. She also told there was 3 DIFFERENT papers that have to be filled out and MAILED in to them to get the gift cards (which of course take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to process and of course your paying their monthly fee the whole time to)

    So of course I canceled. I should have known this was all a HUGE SCAM. Hope the 800 number can help if anyone needs to cancel this.
    Also keep an eye on your bank/credit card statements to make sure your not billed anymore after you canceled. This company's will change there names and then start billing you again under a different name but whats funny is there 800's always stay the same .

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  • Ni
      Oct 23, 2009
    Gift Card - Money transferred somewhere no one know where?
    Sitel india/ Nisha Ahuja

    Account Name: Gift card no: 116459 (020010101882924)
    From this Rs: 91 has been transferred somewhere no body know where

    Complain no1: 9355268 Asha sohanda on 3rd aug (20 minutes)
    Complain no2: 9360976 5/6th Aug (20 minutes)
    Complain no3: 9368578/ 9368648 Dipti 8th Aug (20 minutes)
    Complain no4: Again my request was forwarded to receive a call from them but I did not get a complain number
    Andheri branch direct no: 02266044747 – Prabhakar (11 min)
    Maria from head office very bad service first got transferred first without informing
    Reached the gift card department where maria baretto took all the information all over again she did not have the records for my earlier complains.
    66044706 – direct number (9 minutes) was offered a call back when I asked when, was responded will call back in some time . .
    Prakash called on 12 august at 10.30am from the phone number 01204348015 saying that they were given instructions from my company to transfer the points from my card to a new card for someone else . .and will email me the scanned copy of the letter that stated the same they took down my email address she was nikita
    Till date no email i have received from them . .
    Maria Baretto . .23rd Oct 3.30pm she enquired if I was given a written request which I was never asked before
    She asked for the card number and account number said its invalid though it was the same she herself had found it before . .
    When I conveyed the same to her she found it.
    She took more then 10 mins to find the details . .
    Asked to call back after 5 mins as she could not find out where the money had been transferred
    When I called back after 5 minutes no one picked up the phone . .
    I am not being traeted as a valuable customer for sure and I am very upset with Axis Bank.
    Please resolve this issue as soon as possible . .

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  • An
      Aug 26, 2010
    Gift Card - Bad Gift Cards
    Bad Gift cards
    United States

    I had ordered $500 worth of gift cards. When I recieved them they all had a 0 balance. It's been five months and I just can not get this resolved with Macys. I found out that the gift cards where bad because I tryed to use one and the cashier told me that there was not a balance on it. When I called Macys to check on that one they said it was used on I have never ordered anything off of I lost $500 to Macys. I would like to know if I can take legal action above the $500.

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  • Al
      Jan 14, 2011
    gift card - Money transferred somewhere no one know where?
    New Jersey
    United States

    I got a Itunes gift card from a friend as a present. So as I went to put in the code on the website, it says that the card was invalid. I got really disappointed and my friend told me for sure that he payed for the gift card. I would never buy a Itunes gift card again. :(

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  • Po
      Jan 15, 2011

    Have either of you contacted iTunes?

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  • Lk
      Dec 12, 2012
    gift card - Money transferred somewhere no one know where?
    United States

    I went to a Barnes and Noble store in my area and they had gone out of business. So I ordered a gift card
    online to be mailed to Chicago. That was 12 days ago and the recipient has still not received. After contacting
    Customer Service, i was told they would respond within 12-24 hours. It's been 30-35 hours and nothing!
    I need this gift card in Chicago NOW, as it is NOT a Christmas gift. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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  • Lk
      Dec 12, 2012

    Update :

    It turned out that the girl that I sent the gift card to did get the gift card. However she lied to her mother and hid it because she was hoping that Barnes and Nobel would give her another one. They called about 15 minutes after this review was written and told me that the card was sent out through the mail but since the recipient did not get it they would void the other one and send a new one. Apparently when I gave the gift card to my 12 year old niece she was just home from school. My sister and her husband do not get home until later and she got the mail. Hid the gift card under the bed in hopes of getting one for the same amount for free. Well her mother explained to her that this was fraud, and wrong and against the law.

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