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We live in California, I ordered a Bosch Dishwasher high end...$2, 000 from them, promised to be delivered in a week...I should have known better. I do now! Wanted to save the tax, and they had it for $200 cheaper online. What a mistake! Ordered Nov email said it shipped Nov 7...waited a week then called the freight company they use, Pilot freight, out of Philly. They said Gerhard's NEVER SENT THE it was still at Gerhard's Warehouse! OK, I phone the store ask for the Manager, which his name is ZACH...said he knew nothing about this. I told him Linda Gerhard took the order . Said he would check and call back! Believe me, these people do not call back...I had to do all the calling...I did get a couple of calls in between though...well, ZACH said they would EXPEDITE SHIPMENT, and it would go that day...Well, the day before Thanksgiving it arrives...We told the Delivery guy we wanted to look at the Dishwasher outside before he left it inside. Well, he said yes, you should look, there are holes in the plastic! THERE WAS NO BOX...just a piece of plastic? It get's much worse...opened the door to the Bosch Dishwasher...inside was WATER AND MOLD! On the outside were several dents, in the stainless steel! I went in the house to call GERHARD'S.because to refuse delivery, it says to call first! OK, get Zack on the phone...tell him about the dents, and MOLD AND WATER, and yes, the hose was also still attached on the used dishwasher! Hose has mold where it was inserted also. Listen to this: ZACH say's ALL DISHWASHERS COME WITH WATER INSIDE! What? I have NEVER had water and mold in any dishwasher we have ever bought, either have our neighbors that had gathered around! So, Zach say's to me "I don't want your business anyway"! This was the day before Thanksgiving, last Wednesday, we had 18 people coming...These people have NO business, being in Business! Horrible, horrible, people! Well, Friday we went to PACIFIC SALES, in Rancho Mirage, Ca and bought the same dishwasher...which we got $400 in rebates...actually cheaper to pay the tax...this BOSCH will be delivered this next Wednesday by a reputable company, and great sales people, that have Customer Service skills!!!

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