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Georgia Farm Bureau / Delay/Nonpayment of claim

1 Gray, GA, United States

We suffered a total fire loss on November 11, 2009. To date. Georgia Farm Bureau is using delay tatics and claiming that we have failed to provide documentation needed to settle claim. WE HAVE PROVIDED this documentation. Several times. The adjuster refuses to answer phone calls, emails and his supervisor is doing the same thing. We have submitted quotes and receipts for the rebuild. Georgia Farm Bureau disputes the cost of the rebuild. So they go out and pay a company that advertises on their website "our goal is to keep pay outs down" and says that this company says the rebuild should not cost what we are claiming. We have three quotes all within 10 thousand dollars of each other. They have submitted figures that range 40-50k in difference. They have tried to keep from paying the owed amount. They are trying to push us to see if we are willing to pay for a lawyer. I live in Jones County Georgia. It is considered a rural community that has valued Georgia Farm Bureau as a cornerstone in our community. I have to say that Georgia Farm Bureau is not the company that we all thought they were. I hope for all the farmers and cattlemen in our area that they will find out that Georgia Farm Bureau is not for the common people that are willing to work for everything they deserve. I feel that our adjuster has an agenda because we did not use the restoration company he sent to our home THE DAY OF THE FIRE(the house was still smoking). I cannot prove it, but I feel there must be some form of compensation provided to our adjuster for those that use the restoration company he sends.

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