Genie Bra / Advised wrongly

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Ordered 6 Genie Bras for $85.97 ($25.98 for soft wrap). Asked her what size I should order since I have a small cup but broad back. Was told to order my shirt size which is 8. ( Now they are telling me I should have ordered Extra Large). I can't wear them because it totally smashes my bust, rolls at the band under the bust and cuts into the armpit.
Was unable to return them in time, for a very valid reason, and customer service's only advice was to give them away.
Customer service does not have an 800 number and I was left hanging on long distance for a long, long time so now I will have to pay for that phone call in addition to the $86. Big price to have to pay for something that was their fault to begin with. Horrible customer service and horrible bra.


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