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Genesis Rei / Criminal mismanagement

1 3 Emanon Street RochseterRochester, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 5852248650

• Charged me thousands of dollars for unexplained repairs. No receipts or explanations have ever been sent, despite my constant requests.
• Allowed tenants to live in my house without paying security deposits and without paying rent.
• Left one or both units untenanted for months at a time without trying to find new tenants (although they will say they did try).
• Neglected to pay my taxes, insurances or bills for at least the past year.
• Have collected and kept the rents I have received and have refused to send them to me. They have money of mine dating back to October of last year.
• Currently have over $3, 000 of mine in collected rents which they refuse to release to me or to the newly appointed property manager.
• Currently have all of my financial records including all outstanding bills which they refuse to release to me or the newly appointed property manager. I have received no information from them since last March and they will not return any calls of emails, yet they continue to trade and sell new properties.

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  • Jo
      8th of Jul, 2008
    -1 Votes

    This person is obviously disgruntled over something stupid. I wish he would resolve his issues before making acccusations of Malicious Slander against a good company. I find that they try to do their best, and have done their best in the transition of their property management. Such transitions affect a lot of people, but I would rather make sure the money is accurately transferred as well.

    Sorry for your impatience.

  • Be
      9th of Jul, 2008
    -1 Votes

    agree with second person

  • Jo
      9th of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Genesis apparently is showing a pattern of fraud. I know of 5 other investors and testimonials who are in the same position. What is even more disgraceful is them using the name of God in luring unsuspecting investors.
    All my issues are concrete issues and have been documented including:
    1. Non-receipt of rental payments.
    2. Holding monies.
    3. All financial records being held by them.
    Please feel free to contact me for those who have been caught in the same situation.

  • Sh
      8th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Genesis also manage one of our properties and have proven themselves to be totally incompetent - bordering on criminal.

    Several months ago we recieved an e-mail advising that Genesis would no longer be managing our property in two weeks time. This was the first we had heard of it - although they claimed to have notified us months earlier they had not. I initiated a transfer and was then told that they had made an error and would be retaining management of our property!!!

    We have not recieved a statement since February 08 - it is now October O8. They did not pay any of our taxes which were in arrears and subject to additional fees when we found out and paid them ourselves.
    They do not answer their phones or return calls - they have only returned e-mails when I threatened legal action and even then they were extremey evasive and did not address my concerns.

    One of our tenants left a lower unit about 8 months ago now. I was forced to hire a PI to have a look at the house on my behalf. He spoke with another tenant and was told the lower units are now over run with mice and up to 100 garbage bags have been left in the basement. She has not seen anyone from Genesis visit the property for two years. I was assured that an inspection would be carried out when the lower tenant left.

    The remaining tenant went to Genesis and complained the water had been cut off (due to Genesis failing to pay the taxes). Genesis told her to pay the bill herself and not to worry about the rent.

    We are currently in the process of changing managers. I am not expecting Genesis to provide a smooth transition.

    I am aware that there are many others in the same position. Genesis are allegedly in the process of winding down their property management services. They are apparently involved in the buying and selling of houses using the new name of "Alpha Genesis." I would strongly warn anyone even remotely considering buying property off these guys to avoid them all together. They are nothing but bloody crooks.

    If anyone has been in a similar situation and managed to get their money back please let me know how you did it.

  • Pa
      18th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    In my eighteen years of owning rental property in the Buffalo area I have never encountered a more unscrupulous company than Genesis REI. The owner Mr. James Graham brings the word schister to new heights.
    I am on the other side of the fence in my dealings with them. I sold two buildings to them and they immediately assigned them to a buyer. Since I was holding the mortgage for a short time I visited the properties regularly. Within months I watched the decline of the buildings due to Genesis poor manangement. I was receiving calls from my former tenants begging me to fix things for them. When I informed them I was no longer the owner they slowly began moving out. In February I visited the empty building only to find the pipes had broken and the water was everywhere. I called James Graham and he told he would have maintanence take care of it. He never did and it became a $4000.00 plumbing job.
    I now have the buildings back and do nothing but pour money into them trying to fix what Genesis allowed to happen. I have taken them to court and won but collecting will be another thing. I have other law suits in the works but doubt I will ever get my money back.
    I urge anyone who has had dealings with James Graham and Genesis to contact the attorney Generals offfice. What they practice is criminal and needs to be stopped.

  • Wi
      31st of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Please join yahoo groups "Genesis REI investors". I've created this for all the people who invested in Genesis REI and James.
    Previously we all thought we were victimized individually, but now it is apparent that this has been done to all his investors. I will be posting up developments on James and his company on this website and current state of lawsuits and pending legal actions against him.

  • Cc
      12th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am writing this as a former tenant of a Genesis managed proprety. They are nothing short of slumlords. Major repairs never started, no heat due to an ancient, unworking furnace and many other complaints. To top everything off the unit upstairs was rented out to teenaged drug dealers, Genesis was well aware of the situation and did nothing to correct matters, even as the other tenants began destroying the property at 114 Young st. My email is Genesis REI is truly an evil company

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