General Motors / 2009 chevy traverse

, Indiana, United States

Took traverse to dealer ship on November 13 2017, After having Problem with losing power . On highway causing a drop in speed from 65 to 35 . Suddenly . CAUSSING A CAR TO ALMOST REAR END ME. Dealership keep traverse overnight .AND SAID THAT IT WAS TRANS. Picked traverse up week later on Nov 17 2017 . They said problem fixed . Drove home and two days later . PROBLEM RETURNED . Called dealership back . THEY SAID BRING IT BACK THEY WOULD RUN MORE TEST AT MY EXPENCE. Decided to do some research on my own . And after reading TRAVERSEFORUM.COM AND EDMUNDS SITE . It sounds like it is Stabilitrac Traction control / throttle body problem. ALL RESEARCH POINTS TO PROBLEM . And should be covered under a recall by gm. Since their are 1000 or more complaints on this part. . AT LEAST LABOR SHOULD BE COVERD .

Nov 27, 2017

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