Geisinger Health Systemmedical negligence

Jo Nov 25, 2018 Scranton, PA

Date of incident - 6/19/2018
I fell at Church on 6-10-18 which resulted in a break to my left shoulder. I was taken via ambulance to Barnes Kasson Hospital. They do not deal with shoulder repalcements and advised that I need to be seen elsewhere. They set up an appointment for me to see Dr. Gregory Francis Thomas on [protected] At CMC Geisinger in Scranton, PA. I was transported via ambulance to his office. While at the appointment they did an X-Ray. He told me I could take a few ibuprofen. He did not offer any advice on what else needed done. My shoulder did not improve at this point. The swelling continued and it was very painful. I had a follow up appointment with him a few weeks later.
I went back to see Dr Thomas July with no improvement to my shoulder. He informed me that I need to wait and see how it heals. I was not able to move my shoulder at all at this point and it was very swollen and painful.
When there was no improvement weeks later I went for a second opinion to a hospital in Binghamton, New York. The Doctor informed me that I would need a total shoulder replacement as the break was so bad it would never heal up on it's own. I had a complete shoulder replacement on October 29th, 2018.
I am writing this complaint to advise that I am seeking the advice of a lawyer as Dr Gregory Francis Thomas neglected to help me fix my shoulder. I suffered for over 5 months. Had the Doctor done his job my shoulder would have been surgically fixed months ago.

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