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I wish I'd taken the time to check out this website before joining. I was conned into it via contact from someone on Grindr in the UK. The scam started with an invitation to a "private party" nearby in London - I had heard of similar events so I decided to see what it was about. I acknowledged the contact on Grindr and was directed to a "local moderator" who would approve my registration. The name used was Russel Xavier and the email address is [protected]
To register for the party he insisted that I signed up to GCruise and then pass them proof - telling me I could cancel my membership straight away - I registered and I then got an invitation to a nearby party at a well known hotel chain. However, the invitation came with quite a shock - it would only be valid if I attended a special medical (cost 80GBP), paid for a costume (70GBP) and paid a one-off VIP Fee (100GBP) - a total of GBP250. The money was to be paid via Western Union to someone in the Philippines. Needless to say that by this time the penny had dropped that the party invitation at least was a scam and I did not pay a penny. I'd already paid for GCruise membership and was initially impressed with the number of flirts and messages I got, but it only took a short while to realise - as everyone outlines in other complaints on your site - it is a total scam. Messages are clearly not genuine, replies are never received. I'd suggest anyone hit by these ### gets the message out there on whatever "dating" sites theyvisit - help others not to get scammed. Sadly I deleted all the emails from my GMail account so cannot provide any further information.

Feb 24, 2016

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