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Garmin nuvi 2595LMT / gps sucks

1 MD, United States Review updated:

1. Poor charging: Garmin tech suggested taking the unit home every night to charge. Are they nuts?
2. No route optimization: great voice command software – but pissy programing. You are driving to point A and you want to find coffee on the way. You can “start new route” which will cancel all together direction to A, OR “add to route” which will add the coffee stop – at the END of the route. You can –
Go to apps.
Trip plan
Add the addresses manually
And best of all: the Garmin tech told me I need to plan my route before I leave home.
To plan at home – I don’t need any GPS...
3. As for the heating problem: Garmin tech suggested not to let the unit in the car when the heat may reach 140 degrees. If it is 140 degrees in the car – I should not be driving it, too!

4. And if that is not enough – general design. They stuck the power input smack in the back, and you cant use a universal goose neck GSP/phone holder. The mount that comes with the unit is puny and short, and has to be mounted on the windshield. I am short, and I come home with shoulder pains after typing in all the addresses and command in any short trip. Luckily, Magelan came with double sided adhesive plates that can be placed on the dashboard – and that helps some. Still, the total unit gives pain and is a pain.

I had Magellan GPS for over 6 years. The reason I moved to Garmin was everyone raved about it, and free map update. The maps on the Magellan unit were just – old. Nothing wrong – it still works. Granted, I have free map updates – but I cant get anywhere without mapping my way before I leave the house with Google maps. I have Bluetooth – but I am talking to myself, since I forget to take it with me (see above: take it home to charge...). Voice command is better than my 6-Y.O Magellan – but it’s the technology that improved, not the unit.

I am not a happy customer. As far as GPS’ go – THIS UNIT SUCKS! It is not a quick responder to driving changes, it is finicky and disappointing.

May 31, 2013
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  • Ha
      20th of Jul, 2013
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    Bought a 2595LMT

    The voice command does not work on international versions on English. Contacted Support nothing worked.

    The Save option to save recently founds into your Saved folder does not work.

    While driving sometimes the software crashes and continuously changes back and forth between two points on the map.

    Sometimes the unit turns off while driving.

    I have had it for 5 months now, and I truly regret the money I paid for it.

    And did I say the maps are wrong? Imagine you exit into a roundabout and the unit tells you: exit, turn right, then turn left! In a roundabout!

    Garmin, you are piece of junk.

  • Bo
      11th of Oct, 2015
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    HAD a 265T, loved it but new map was $100 so bought a 2595LMT instead. HATE it. Let's see:
    1. Taking a long trip? Well don't make it TOO long or you get message that it "will show you more as you get closer." ( I can tell my 265 From Key West to Maine and it DOES IT.)
    2. IF taking a long trip and click street name on top to see text of "route", text is too small to read at 70MPH. Font too thin. Poor contrast on a sunny day. ( 200 series great contrast, easy to read )
    3. TRAFFIC. The reason I buy these: 265 searches all around for traffic, 2595LMT show traffic on your CURRENT route, sometimes. The icon shows GREEN even when NOT in a traffic monitored area. I was in SC and green icon yet traffic JAMMED ahead. 265T icon goes OFF when no reception
    4. Accuracy of it's "info".Last week, before a trip I checked - "up to date". Great off I go. First destination - CLOSED. Second destination - moved, and when I found it, IT was CLOSED. Friday I was meeting someone who told me where the restaurant was. I could picture it in my head and as I got close for kicks I searched for it on GPS - hey - it's in there - a strip mall. . WRONG. I checked all stores in the area. Not there. I called contact - she said about 2 miles to go - as she had said. I told store owner who told me that store moved over two years ago.

    In VA i was looking for a Marina. Entered into GPS - it is on there - off we go. as I go over a bridge it tells me to turn right, turn right, turn right, then turn left - back over bridge . Wrong. I needed to turn LEFT at the first turn and it was at end of street.

    REALLY AGGRAVATING. I CAN use my phone to do all that my 265T used to do but like the interface of 265 rather than a phone when driving alone.

    5. The menu on 2595 often I have to hit ENTER when on only ONE choice in a menu.
    I understand that they WANT to keep their code the same ... maybe on other models there ARE more then one option at that menu but SOMEONE in the COMPANY OUGHT to have the brains to say " Let's remove this link in the code to bring THIS user directly to the next menu rather than showing this submenu at all.". That would take NO time. Delete, change one GOTO line

    6 one thing that has bothered me on both : if in Maine and going to Virginia, or Boston to FLA, it will ALWAYS take you through NYC, GW Bridge. Have you ever driven that route at rush hour? 3 hours to cross the bridge. But not taken into consideration because it is too far away when you start. Their programmers (or NAVTEQ?) should look at historical data and if EVERY MONDAY thru Sunday between 6am and 9am there is a 2 hour backup on bridge and consider that at start. ( I get around that by ... choosing Nyack as a via point, e.g.)

    nuf said.

  • Jo
      4th of Sep, 2017
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    I have the same problems listed. My phone using GOOGLE MAPS NAV is perfect every time! What a waste of money I spent on new Garmin NUVI. And they want more money for the update..

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