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Gardeners Choice / Poor service

1 United States
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What I'm pasting below is a copy of my complaint to the Better Business Bureau. It doesn't begin to outline everything, but it hits the main points. I would suggest that any of you who are having problems with this company (and there seem to be many) go to and file your own complaint.

I did several orders from this company, 219139, 219233, 219238, and 219239. Calling them does no good. It's always busy. I have literally let it ring for hours by putting my phone on auto-busy redial. They have failed to respond to repeated e-mails. They billed my credit card right away rather than waiting for the product to ship, which I know is perfectly legal and I don't have a problem with that as long as I get the product and it's in good condition. Last Saturday, I sent another e-mail telling them that if I didn't hear back from them, I was going to have to decline the credit card charges. Today, I received a box with a few plants, most of them dead. Some aren't labelled so I don't even know what they are other than little pieces of dead stuff. The packing slip they sent with it showed the total of my first order, but even the itemization on the packing slip itself did not add up to that total of $72.79, so whatever invoicing program they're using obviously can't manage second-grade math. The total that should have been on the slip was $45.88. I have great respect for the BBB and always check out any company I'm ordering from for the first time. They are apparently accredited, and I'm completely baffled about that. I did a general search on the Internet after I received my dead plants, and there are THOUSANDS of complaints about this "company, " all from people with the same issues I've had. This isn't a life-altering event, but I consider it very serious. Two of those orders were for me, and I can deal with disappointment. Of the other two, one was for my Mom and one was for my Dad. They are elderly, and were so looking forward to the blueberry bushes and cherry hedges, etc., that I ordered for them. They had actually planned their planting for this year around what I ordered for them. Now I have to be ashamed and tell them the stuff likely isn't coming, and will likely be dead if it does. I've already posted messages in numerous gardening forums to see if anyone can help me find a reputable company with the "spectacular" merchandise Gardener's Choice has.


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