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G E Money Bank / Poor Credit Reporting Customer Relations

1 P O Box 960061Orlando, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 866-893-7864

Similar to MANY others on this site, Last Spring/Summer I applied for a credit card to cover major dental costs. At the time of my application I arranged for them to deduct the monthly payment of approxiamtely $150 from my checking account. When the first bill arrived it indicated that it was deducted. When the next bill arrived it showed a past due balance. When I called they advised me that the amount had not been deducted due to some error in entering the numbers. I was assured that this would be taken care but I had to pay the now past due balance which I did in full. The next month came and the payment due was $240+. and the interest rate had increased to nearly 30%. I called and was told that since I had not paid the previous month's bill I had forfitted my special interest rate. I explained the previous call and was again assured that the problem would be corrected and the special interest rate would be reinstated.

Every month since then - 7 times - I have had the same bill arrive; the same conversation wiht the Customer Service people with the same assurnaces. Today I spoke with a supervisor who stated that the review board refused my request to reinstate the lower interst rate due to non-payment of my account back in June I beleive. I told her what had happend for the past 7 months, how the payments had first been deducted then returned to my account thus making the payment a non-payment, how others had "found the problem" and promised to fix it and she said that due to MY mistake they would not reverse the account interest and lower the payments to the original agreement. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told the only way to reach them was by mail. I again explained the problem and what I had been told about the error on THEIR part but she insisted that - dispite what I had been told by 7 other reps - the mistake was MINE and not there's and nothing more was going to be done. I was furious and I admit that I used some foul language with her, but after she had basically lied to me and then accused me of making the mistake that is about to ruin my credit history I reached my limit and she terminated my call.

I hung up and went online to check the possiblity of sending the appeal letter online and I found a website devoted solely to complaints about this company

As I read what had been posted by other customers of this company, I found that MANY perople have had the exact same experience and in fact their numerous letters have gone unanswered.

I hope that somethign can be done with this company that appears to be ripping off hundreds of people in exactly the same manner. I am a disabled vetern on a small monthly payment from the VA and cannot afford to be taken advantage in this manner.

Please advise me as to your findings and what, if anything further can be done to correct these dispicable practices.

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  • Gi
      1st of Oct, 2011
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    I have fallen prey to this company. the interest rate went to 28 percent from 14percent. I paid my bills on time, but got behind. I tried to find out why. no answer.
    so, now GE is supposedly taking me to court to collect, wish these people that run this company, get whats coming to them.

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