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I ordered an item from Furnituremart.SG on 26/12/2017. Based on their system, (Calendar) there are open slots for delivery on 30/12 and 31/12 therefore I selected 30/12. Next day, one of their Admin or whichsoever, Ms Koo, whatsapp-ed me, to inform me that their delivery is quite full on 30/12. I was puzzled and asked why didnt they block the date since fully booked. I am fine though and the lady, Ms Koo was kind enough to schedule delivery on 31/12, the following day with no charges. 28/12, she informed me that they will contact me one day before (30/12) to reconfirm on the delivery timing. On 30/12, I whatsapp the same number at 12pm+ to inform them a change of my mobile number. The other party came online and offline not long later without acknowledging my message. Fine, I reckoned everyone is busy due to year end closing etc. 5pm, still no reply or message to inform me on the delivery time therefore i appsed and reminded them its already 5pm. And again, online and offline. At that moment, I was like "what is going on" and rather frustrated. I called their office 3mins after witnessing my whatsapp being ignored. Ms koo answered, asked for my order number and I gave as per request. She sounded well though claiming that she doesnt have my new mobile number (which I updated at 12pm+. Fine, not an issue to me and so I gave her again) She also advised the delivery time is between 11am to 1pm. On the day of delivery, 31/12, speaking of this makes my blood boil!!! I waited till 1pm, no one call regarding delivery. I called office, no answer despite several calls. I tried calling showroom hoping someone can assist as I am not sure if there are staff working since it is Sunday and it is new year eve. An Auntie answered, sounded kinda frustrated even after telling her no one at office is answering and I need help pertaining to my delivery. Reluctantly, she asked for my invoice number but I have none except order number, that is all I have. The Auntie then started grumbling saying without invoice number, she is unable to help, claiming that I purchased online has to call office. Okay, fine! I do not want to argue or reply further in due respect that she is senior or elderly whichever. Immediately, I called office again... Finally, someone answered, a guy. And again... He asked for invoice number and again I repeated I have none. This is the part I am seriously pissed off, why? -> He answered me saying "When government asked you for your IC number, you give IC number right? Asked you for passport number (or whatsoever), you give passport number right?" (I couldnt state exactly each word he mentioned but I clearly remembered the IC part) I was like hey!! I answered "I'll definitely give you the invoice number if I was provided but I have none and how do/could I even generate an invoice number on my own? Ms Koo asked for my order number when we spoke, she didnt even ask invoice number!" He kept silent for less then 5seconds, asked for my order num & phone number. I gave both and he get the delivery guy to call me immediately. Yes, they delivery guy did call, came, installed and all are done. I opted for COD, I guess I should receive a receipt too, right? Unfortunately, none and I have to get the delivery guy to personally handwritten and signed that he received the cash (I dont know what document I should address it. DO or Invoice? Because it is so worn out and so informal) Once they left, I run through the "so-called DO or wadeva" and finally saw my invoice number! One more thing, it stated delivery 1pm to 6pm not 11am to 1pm as per advised. I just feel that Furnituremart.SG staff lack of training, communication and not systematic at all. Fine, I can close one eye and forgo those but NOT the staff who was extremely rude, sarcastic, ill mannered whatever you can name it. Is this even customer service? I can understand the frustration to work on eve but not venting on your customer! I have all emails to prove that I wasnt given any invoice number until delivery was complete. No customer, no one deserve such ill mannered attitude. The rude staff doesnt sounds young that just came out to work. Matured enough yet produce such thumbs down service. How do you maintain your customers this way? Before that, I was even intending to settle my shoe rack, two bedside tables and some furnitures with Furnituremart.SG but I am sure this is not gonna happen. I would rather have no furnitures than purchase from them again. Horrible customer service especially from the guy, Ed...

Dec 31, 2017

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