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i INVESTED $52, 500 FOR Virtual Concierges Machines from T.B.T.I. Inc. (CEO Paul Schumack). I have contracts, receipts and tracking Id's for these machines. The contract stated I would receive commission checks of $300 per month per machine in which I have 17 Virtual Concierges. I purchased these machines from March 2013 until January 2014. The last commission check I received from T.B.T.I. Inc was in December 2013. I left several voice mails and emails along with all other investors with no response from Mr. Schumack. I recentley discovered Paul Schumack invested heavily in the company Fuel Foods out of Florida which he is now an Executive Officer with the Company (see attached sec form). I have left several emails and voice mails at fuel foods for the president of the company Eick Leander and Paul Schumack with no response.

Feb 24, 2014
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  • Ba
      27th of Feb, 2014

    I also invested in TBTI with Mr. Laning. I too stopped receiving my commission checks in January along with several hundred other investors. VC Investors Facebook page has a ton of members complaining about the same thing. Mr. Schumack is a thief and a fraud. Mr. Leander of Fuel Foods FL is no better as he allowed Schumack to use ill-gotten funds for his investment.

    I beg people to NOT invest in Fuel Foods FL, it is a PONZI SCHEME!!!

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  • Ek
      16th of Apr, 2014

    Fuel Foods was started with stolen money and from a total scam artist. They took his picture off their website after they found out, but they forgot to take down the video in their testimonial page that shows Paul Schumack, that thief! Fuel foods has dodged calls and emails but they are very well connected. On Pauls last scam email to the people he defrauded out of millions of dollars, he was promoting "investors" to give them more money that they could steal! The sign off even showed the direct connection as it was listed as: TBTI Inc/ FuelFoods FL !!! This company is next to go down! DO NOT INVEST IN FUELFOODS FL!!! It's run by criminals and people trying to cover up for this criminals. Just laundering the dirty money...

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  • St
      3rd of Aug, 2015

    DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS OR BUY THE GROUPON!!! they have stolen over 300$ from me. they will not refund even though nothing has been sent out. When you sign up with your Groupon it will bill you every 7 days but a request to pause billing or cancel takes 8 days from when "they receive request" so there is nothing you can do to stop the first charge then they say they didn't get the other requests or calls or emails etc and continue to bill and refuse to refund anything.

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  • An
      4th of Oct, 2015

    Just check out the below Yelp review. Hundred of people complaining the same thing about

    The owner, Erik, was on a TV show. As you watch, you will know how untrustworthy this guy is.

    His business is in trouble as stated in,

    Erik and his staffs who follow his unethical business model should never be allowed in the business world. Erik does whatever he can to make the money, but what Erik doesn't know is that he will be expelled forever in the business world with his face being known to the entire world. Good luck to you, Erik. After fuelfood goes out of business, you will never be able to raise any fund from any investors.

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  • Ju
      24th of Dec, 2015

    Just watched "The Profit" show and I smell a rat in this business! If Marcus Lemonis thinks it's a bad deal, I do too!

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  • Ja
      24th of Dec, 2015

    Poorly treated employees

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  • Ti
      2nd of Feb, 2016

    OK Fuel Food haters...I need your help. This MEATHEAD continues to lie about returning my brothers stolen money which he promised to refund last week, but clearly he has eaten too many steroids to be able to be honest. I need you to call or text his cell phone (561.379.5853) and demand he return my brother's money! I want him to feel the wrath of the internet and let him know he can't continue to rip off customers. I will be contacting local Palm Beach county officials and media outlets as well to ratchet up the pressure, but anything you can do will help. It won't take but a minute to let him know...thanks in advance!
    Please repost on your timeline so this goes everywhere!!!…/fuel-foods-fl-fraud-by-an-…'s photo.

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  • Jm
      11th of Feb, 2016

    Just like all the complaints in Yelp and BBB.

    I believe is scamming the people without any intention to improve their quality of food or service.

    Erik, the owner, associated with some ponzi scheme in which how was funded.
    (watch the TV show, The Profit)

    As you watch the show, you will see how he is trying to make money off of the recent trend in food delivery, the social media.
    So what does he do (with so-called his marketing staff) ? Make a subscription deal in Groupon and LivingSocial.

    What thousands of people didn't know was that he hid the confusing terms in a hidden corner of the webpage that you would be billed weekly unless you cancel it manually. And it takes 8 days to cancel. This means you are automatically billed whether you want the order or not.
    And boy, how confusing and hard it was to cancel !! Erik certainly put his great effort to make his website terms as confusing as he can to trick the people into making them stay as long as possible. This was during the summer of 2015.

    According to the latest claim from Erik,

    Erik says the term is written so bold and clear that it is the customer's fault that they didn't read it.

    Now, if you look at the Groupon and LivingSocial deal pages (BTW, both Groupon and LivingSocial dropped Fuelfood deal like a hot potato as so many people complained as a scam), yes, now there is a clear term and condition.

    What he is not telling is that the terms and conditions in website, Groupon/LivingSocial had been changing and been modified constantly ever since all the rages were bombarding the social media (Yelp, YouTube, BBB, etc) from the people who bought the Groupon/Livingsocial deals.

    In the beginning when people bought the deals (May/June 2015), there were no clear terms in Groupon/Livingsocial. Once thousands of people signed up, they started ordering the food throughout the summer and the fall of 2015. Lo and behold, now you were entering into the devil's toilet by giving your credit card number. And everyone who fell for the scam started to report in the social media. Hence, the local newspaper is now starting to report on And now Erik is defending himself with his so-called evidence-in-the-website fine prints and saying you are the stupid who didn't read the fine prints.

    Was it worth it ? Erik ? Just like, was it worth it that you agreed to make the TV show, The Profit ?
    According to
    Erik is saying it wasn't worth it to post the deal in Groupon/LivingSocial as he didn't make the money through it.
    But he never says anything about whether his reputation being ruined for so-obvious scam he was pulling.

    Sad.. Erik, it isn't too late. Refund all the money. Yes even if you bankrupt. This is the only way for people to start praising you positively.
    And believe me, once people start praising you in the social media, it will go big.
    This is how you can make successful and/or if you were to make another business and need a funding in the future, you will need your positive reputation.

    Now, you have the choice to ignore the advice. But if you continue in the trail you have been walking on, don't be surprised that one day you will be legally prosecuted and put into a jail for something stupid and by someone you trust.

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