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1 Corning, IA, United States

I met Heather Downing, one of the owners of Fudge Town Interiors of Corning Iowa phone number [protected] at their recent open house. Heather noted that she is a former employee of Brymon's Interiors of Atlantic Iowa and grew up in Stanton, Iowa. Heather and I looked around her showroom and we decided it would be best for her to come to my home. She came out a few weeks later with samples. I ended up ordering a new bedroom suite, complete dining room set as well as new furniture pieces for my formal living room area. A few weeks after this, I was out at the Red Bull in Corning Iowa after a girls night out at the newly renovated Opera House and ran into Heather Downing who was obviously severely intoxicated. While engaging in a conversation she said she used to work at Creston Community Schools By now I trusted Heather enough to let her know of by lesbian sexual orientation, Heather stated she was married in 2005 and the marriage started going south approx a year later. While at the Red Bull she let me know that some of my new furniture pieces were in and currently at the store in Corning at 517 Davis Ave. Once we were down at the store she began to undress and asked me to join her to fulfill her lesbian fantasy on one of my new furniture pieces on the showroom floor. After we were getting dressed she confided with me further and stated how she had hated one of her workers Jan and how she was old and dressed distastefully. She wanted workers that were more upbeat and modern. She went on about how she loved living on her acreage just outside of Corning and how she would make sure that her husband did not get it when she filed for divorce. She also went on to discuss how Nebraska Furniture Mart was sueing them. When they delivered my furniture recently they severely scratched several of my pieces and would not replace any of them, nor refund any of my money since I paid in full upfront. I would never do business with this circus again.

Mar 05, 2013

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