Forrester UK Holdings LLC / Demand for payment

1 14 The Close, Salisbury SP1 2EB, Salisbury, England, Wiltshire, United Kingdom Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 0722 320101

The demand relates to a card reading machine, returned in December 2010.
The demand is for a continuing rental, despite a number of telephone calls advising the return and cancellation of the agreement

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  • Li
      Jun 29, 2011


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  • Pu
      Jul 08, 2011

    I also have been harressed about a terminal that I cancelled the contract for and returned. I have been writing them letters since Dec 2010 and recieved nothing from them. I keep getting phone calls from an American rep. I have spoken to them a number of times and can't get anywhere. I've told them I want communication in writing but they just keep phoning. I've now informed them that I've referred the whole thing to the Financial Ombudsman and will not be speaking with them by phone further. They are a nightmare. There are complaints on forums all over. I am very annoyed that Lloyds recommended this company in the first place.

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  • Do
      Jul 28, 2011

    Don't let these people worry you. We too had continuous phone calls - both automated asking us to ring back and from some sort of human - and a bill each month that kept rising even though the contract had been cancelled some time before and the terminal returned. We also had the 'one off settle today' offers which we refused and we had letters from two debt collection companies in the UK threatening to take us to court. We ignored them all, although at the outset we did try to talk sensibly to them and explain as well as sending them copies of correspondence etc. Threatening phone calls from someone called Kaspar got very boring in the end and we were forced to use some rather rude words to him. This all lasted about two years.

    I have a file of all the letters, demands, statements etc which I'll hang onto for a couple of years but it seems they got fed up in the end and we haven't had any correspondence from them now for at least six months. The debt collection companies are working on a payment by results basis and they're not going to pay to take you to court, Forrester are somewhere in the US and they're not going to come to a UK court to face you.

    Just ignore them!!

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  • El
      Nov 29, 2011

    I have the same problem with forresters they are the pits!!! cardnet are now saying that they cannot get involved. I have emailed Watchdog but they need more complaints.

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  • Gs
      Mar 02, 2012

    We returned our credit card terminal (which was faulty anyway) and paid them up to date. Since then this awful company keep sending ever increasing bills for money we do not owe. We have sent in several complaints letter. All are completely ignored. Then we get another bill arrive. Is there anyone we can actually talk to within the company? Would advise anyone to avoid this appalling company like the plague!!!

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  • Ni
      Nov 12, 2012

    I have also been having problems with this company.
    I switched supplier and asked to cancel the lease agreement with them. I received a standard letter about how to return the equipment and close the account. I returned the equipment, I also had spoken to a call centre operator who assured me that the lease would be finished. After I returned the equipment, I got a demand for payment - the man in the call centre this time told me that the phrase in the letter that said "any outstanding rentals owed" meant that I was supposed to carry on paying for the lease even though I had sent back the equipment and paid the termination fee (which he said was not a termination fee but a restocking fee, whatever that is!). My understanding of this phrase is that you have to make sure you've paid up to the date of the cancellation.
    They are now telling me that I haven't read the letter and that I agreed to the terms they laid out. I read the terms as that I would be able to send back the equipment and terminate the lease with the £95 pounds being a termination fee. I just can't understand how the phrase can mean what they say! If I interpret it their way, they are saying that I have to pay for the cancellation and still pay for the machine that I no longer have. If I carried on till the end of the lease, keeping hold of a machine that I don't use, I wouldn't have to pay the £95. So how can it be legal to do that?

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