ForeClosure.combeing able to preview foreclosed homes

I have been trying for 2 months to get this company to stop charging my account.I have submitted several times to them about charging my account and tbey told me that account dont exist.Well if it dont why are they charging my account.Please help me stop them from taking what little money I do have from me. Thank you.I was unaware of them taking my money from account.They never emailed me stating they took my money.Everytime I go to the web sight it said I didnt have account and had to start another one.Im not signing up again when I couldnt stop the first one.Not one time have I got to see a foreclosed home by my living area.They never showed me nothing except whats on the home page and that is it.I know this is a scam and they need to be stopped.I live on a set income and cant afford thos amount to be taking out every month.Why are these people aloud to do this.Cant our government stop these kind of people from taking from people who cant afford it obviously or we wouldnt be complaining.Im hoping they get stopped and something is done right away.My husband and son were killed I need my money for them.Not no scam artist who it making a living on peoples money that dont deserve this to happen to them.Please stop them now.I have memorials I have to pay for.

Jun 01, 2018

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