Ford Motor Company2015 fusion shifter cable recall (18s20)

Ag Nov 30, 2018 Asheville, NC

June 17, 2018: I pull up to the gas pump, put my vehicle in park, turned the car off and took my foot off the brake. As I'm opening the door, the vehicle starts rolling backwards. I reverse to a safe location to get towed to the dealership, at 8 PM on a Sunday, having to work the next morning.

I had the same Recall on my 2015 Fusion and my shifter cable issue occurred before the recall was released. My gear shift was in park but the car thought it was in reverse so the vehicle could only move backwards. I had to pay for the repair, and a battery (because the car thought it was in park when it was in reverse and killed my battery) out of pocket and then file for a reimbursement months later. The cost of the repair was just over $500 in total and I just received a check in the mail from Ford, almost 6 months later, for exactly half of what I paid for the repair. $253 doesn't even cover the cost of labor for the repair, which was $276.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Asheville, NC On top of that, I spent over 12 hours on the phone with them, while at work, (mostly on hold listening to their annoying Mustang/Taurus advertisement over and over) over the course of 14 or 15 phone calls just to get information on how to get properly reimbursed, and still wasn't completely informed until the letter came out. You would think that 1) they would provide 100% reimbursement for an issue caused by their poor quality parts, especially one that probably cost them less than a dollar to manufacture per unit, and 2) they would fully reimburse a customer who helped shed light to the issue in order to issue a recall for the problem before it caused a fatal accident (I assume I'm not the only one).

Ford's customer service was absolutely appalling and unacceptable and I got the strong impression that they purposefully made it difficult to get information in an attempt to make me give up on the $506.97 reimbursement. They put me on hold multiple times after already having been on hold just to speak to someone, said "I'm going to have to transfer you" multiple times, or "had to call me back" and never did, multiple times, and had me get the vehicle serviced for the recall a second time in order to file for reimbursement.

As a Mechanical Engineer I understand that design/manufacturing mistakes can be made, and that's fine. What isn't fine is that they handled the situation in the most unprofessional way possible with as minimal customer satisfaction as they could provide. Ford needs to reimburse me for the other $253.48 they forgot to include in the check.

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