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Ordered tickets to Arsenal game. I started to worry when I called my hotel two days ahead of the game and the tickets hadn't arrived. Nobody answered my calls, emails or website inquiries. Flied to London anyway. Well, the tickets never showed up and nobody ever replied. I was lucky to get other, better, tickets via Twitter, so we saw the game. I was sure that i had been scammed by Back home i was just going to report the scam to my credit card company as I received an email that stated:"Order has been canceled by Seller. This usually happened if Seller post his/her ticket(s) on multiple websites. We are very sorry for any inconvenience." and that I would get my money back. Today I got my money back, so it was not a straightforward scam, but a job terribly done. Why didn't they tell me in time that there was problem? Why didn't anybody answer my calls? As I read these reviews I notice that this is not very rare. So if you want to be sure, don't use or any similar sites to buy tickets. I know it's hard to find tickets other way, but at least you will know if you will get them or not.


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