Fitness USAawful company

This Company is nothing but lies with horrible and unprofessional customer service team of four people. However I signed up for a membership right away before I could finish using my free trial because the employee Don told me that the membership I was signing up for was a special deal and that was the last day for it, So me thinking I'm getting a deal hurry and signed up and a week later I brought a friend and come to find out those were the same prices I was told was off.

However my friend didn't have a credit card to sign up for a cheaper price. Marco(employee) suggested that he use my card and my friend told him No Ill just sign up when I get my card. I was still called in the office on my friend behalf even though he told them not to. However I agreed to let him use my card and after that I signed a credit card slip and then he handed me a membership form signing it was just something I had to sign.

My friend signed a membership form also. Marco requested 87.00 up-front as to why I don't know because I didn't have to pay anything. My friend didn't have it and said he would come back at another time. So Marco told me he would rip up the paper work and throw it out and he had my friend hold on to his membership form.

A couple days later I find out I have a second membership in my name and that I was charged again. Marco never threw out the paper work instead he gave himself credit. When I contacted him he said he didn't know how that happened and that he would call corporate to have it taken care of and he would call me right back.

He never called back so I called customer service to request my refund for the second membership that was put in my name, a Lady said she would check on it and call me right back the next day, However she never called and its been two weeks still nothing. I called Marco to find out why he never checked on it like he said and he stated that ' Oh its already in the computer I was gonna see if ya boy could just come use that membership'.

I call customer service and she ignores my complaint and say well you only have 3 days to cancel and I told her that membership shouldn't be there because I have one already. She said well you have to fax your request and we will REVIEW it. Not refund it right away.

I rather pay a higher cost at a different Fitness Center then go through what I have with FITNESS USA... Also don't bother leaving customer service a message when there four lines are busy because they never return calls let alone check messages.

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