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Fitness Hub / Bogus Charge

1 NV, United States Review updated:

I have a bogus charge for 19.95 from a company called Fitness Hub on my debit card. I did not order anything from them nor did I elect any tuype of recurring charge on my bill. Last month I ordered Triothin and Colocure samples for 4.95 shipping. I cancelled it but now I am being charged this money for no reason. Triothin people will not assist me, say they did not charge it because it is a different name. I'm sure they charged it under a different nam, e.

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  • Bl
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    I just got a charge from Fitness Hub also and do not know where it came from I will call a customer Service rep and find out what's going on. I ordered a dietary supplement about a month ago but nowhere on my transaction was there fit factory or fitness Hub. I always double check and make sure that I am not being scammed into reacurring monthly charges and no where on that form when I checked out was anything about other charges. I am not happy about this what good is internet shopping when you have to worry about the multitude of ways that people are trying to rip you off.

  • Dy
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    I recieved a charge on my debit card also but it was for $29.95. I called the number on my bank statement an was informed that i needed to cancel within 21 days which I did. Only to find out this company comes with the bromolite an they cannot cancel it for you. They are no connected at all. After speaking to a supervisor i was refunded my monies. They were pleasant in handling my refund.

  • Su
      24th of Jul, 2009
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    I have been charged $1.17 for a newsletter and $29.95 for a product I never orderedd. When I called, customer service told me they would cancel my "account" and no more charges would appear. However, she could not refund what had been charged.

  • Sm
      26th of Jul, 2009
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    Same thing happened to me. $29.95 appeared on my credit card for Fitness Hub. Like a previous poster I'm VERY careful not to sign up for any bogus programs. I believe mine came from a purchase of gel shots from I called my credit card and had them remove the charge. I tried the customer service number listed above but it goes straight to voicemail. This is definitely very shady. It's a shame because if it was gotbody that the charge came from, I'll never use them again. They had good prices so they'll lose alot more business than this extra charge they tried to con me with.

  • Sm
      26th of Jul, 2009
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    digging into this more - it seems there's is a legit company Fitness Hub, and this isn't anything to do with them (at least according to them)
    I'm currently on hold to the NV company who's number appeared on my charge. Not holding my breath...

  • Sm
      26th of Jul, 2009
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    I got a $29.95 charge also and i immediately called customer service and apparently when i tried a free sample of a product online, it automatically signed me up for a fitness program online, which i had never even heard of. I read all the fine print before i even got the free sample and it had said nothing about this FITNESS HUB company. This made me furious! i called customer service and told them to cancel my supscription and that i wanted a refund. He said that they would refund me the $29.95, so we will see if it goes through to my account, but this stuff is ridiculous!

  • Go
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    These people are clever! And go under different names - [first e missing];; fitnessfactory - they change the charging company from time to time.
    Be careful because they're superficially friendly and helpful, but are basically stealing a monthly fee of $29.95 from my/your credit card.
    They rely on the 10% [or 50%] of customers who don't notice/don't dispute/don't care to scam their profits.
    They've told me I'll get a refund so now i'm waiting.
    Thanks for the tip-off above! Because I too bought gels and power bars from and I thought they were trustworthy! At least I received their ordered product OK.
    So look out for etc and be careful!

  • Un
      28th of Jul, 2009
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  • Un
      28th of Jul, 2009
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    Had the same problem. Here is what you do. Call the number listed on your credit/debit card statement. Tell them your name followed by the words "attorney at law" (it is illegal to impersonate a police officer, not an attorney). Then advise them you are recording this conversation as per state and federal law. Then tell them you would like all charges removed from your card and that you want no subsequent charges posted to said credit/debit card account. It worked for me (I actually am an attorney). Good luck.

  • Ss
      29th of Jul, 2009
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    I just had the same 39.95 charge on my credit card. I called the number listed on my statement which was 1-800-881-9424 and told them that i never received a confirmation email or ID since i didn't authorize this transaction. I ordered the NatraPure clease (which don't do! such a scam!) but I never authorized this program. They said since I never received the confirmation they would refund my money and cancel my membership with them. That was just today...we'll see what happens!

  • Rt
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    I got suckered into this, too.
    For anyone buying supplements: Buyer Beware!

  • Ch
      2nd of Aug, 2009
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    I have never heard of this company and have not signed anything, nor accepted any merchandise. I do not know any address or location of this merchant as well. I was billed $39.95 for nothing! How did they get my acct number? I don't know.

  • Br
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    My wife signed up for a bromolite sample or something but apparently didn't see or wasn't informed that she would thus be signing up for a monthly fee to use a website. Apparently the site gives you the opportunity to live chat about your health and diet or something. I looked at the email she received after signing up and indeed it did say that she would be charged a recurring monthly fee. The email cam from FitFactory However, the email it was never opened.

    The charges were all over the map. We were charged for 5 months under 3 different company names. Does seem pretty scammy:

    08/03/09 - CHECK CRD PURCHASE 07/01 IWXWWW.MYSHPMYWAY.COM 866-2785361 UT

    07/03/09 - CHECK CRD PURCHASE 05/27 DJM*LIFSTYLEFIT.COM 800-9576988 UT

    04/29/09 - CHECK CRD PURCHASE 04/27 WWWSELFHELPFFCOM800 OF 866-4071022 NV

    03/02/09 - CHECK CRD PURCHASE 02/25 WWWSELFHELPFFCOM800 OF 866-4071022 NV

    03/30/09 - CHECK CRD PURCHASE 03/27 WWWSELFHELPFFCOM800 OF 866-4071022 NV

    I asked why all the different names on the charges and they stated, "we change the description of the charge to make for a better billing cycle for the customer" . . .and when asked why that was better for the customer, "it lets you know this is a recurring fee". I then asked, "How is it better to have different names for the same recurring charge?" The person said they would look into it and came back with the same line, "it is better for the customer and to let you know this is a recurring fee."

    After complaining and threatening to inform the BBB they took off one lousy month. Or say they will and that it will be refunded on next months bill.

  • Ro
      16th of Aug, 2009
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    same happened to me and I'm fuming mad. Each time billed, it was under a different name: DJM then it was flitcliq, and now FITNESSHUB. They are taking advantage of good people.

    did some Internet research to get their addresses to complain, so here are two:

    305 W. Broadway Apt. 114
    New York, NY 10013

    (sounds fishy doesn't it?)

    and the other:

    Blue Sky Marketing
    303 Park Avenue South Suite # 1131
    New York, New York 10010-3657
    United States

    How do these people sleep at night?

    Time to clean up your business practices or else you'll should know that you can't escape the Internet. These complaints already show up as the second link from a Google search right under your website. The Internet will hold you accountable.

  • Ra
      17th of Aug, 2009
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    Fitness Hub - Unsolicited credit card charge
    Fitness Hub
    United States

    A charge of $29.95 from the Fitness Hub appeared on my credit card. I called the 800 # on the bill and they said the product was ordered in January. The charge showed up on the July bill and no product was ever received.

  • Mi
      18th of Aug, 2009
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    I agree with the person who said how do these people sleep at night. I had found these charges before today but somehow (and I am to fault) didn't get around to trying to contact, I guess because I now remember contacting my card services, and this was over 6 months ago, and was told they could do nothing. Now here is the kicker, my card is not really a credit card. It is how my unemployment is paid. When I ask ReliaCard if there was not something they could do since after all this is unemployment the rep said no. One rep offered to cancel the card and send another but she couldn't tell me how long it would take and if my unemployment would go to the new card without a problem. It's bad enough to be terminated after over 25 years due to new management but to have some low life do this and after reading the posts the dirty ### are getting wealthy. Everyone who works for this company, and you all know they know what they are doing, need to be made to suffer.
    Starting my try to recover right now. If I get any information that is helpful I will be sure to come back and post.
    Thanks to all
    A Frasure

  • Mc
      22nd of Aug, 2009
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    I was charged 39.95 on my credit card. I am going to cancel the card and dispute the charge. The 1800 # on my statement was a non working #.

  • Ri
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    I have had several charges of $29.95 to my credit card and do not know what service I requested. I did order some colon cleanser some months ago, but thought I had ended that order.

    I would like to stop this charge immediately! Please let me know if I should take further action.

    Rita Boyd

  • Lo
      29th of Aug, 2009
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    iam too getting charged on my credit card every month and i did not authorize this transaction... i have brought to my banks attention and they told me to let the company know that i did not authorize this transaction. i have called and i am still getting charged this amount of 59.95 canadian. please i need this stopped !!! some bogus phone number

  • Pe
      29th of Aug, 2009
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    Same same - $29.95 on my card TWICE in one month, and the month before $29.95 charged by The Fit Clique, an online weight loss company. They demanded I give confidential information ( credit card number ) in order to discuss the claim.

    CURIOUS (NOT!) : 1-800-881-9424 for FitnessHub has exactly the same outgoing message, same voice and all, as The Fit Clique 1-866-346-1126. Guess these two 'companies' are run by the same lowlifes. I filed a dispute with Chase Bank.

    I believe this all originated with a free sample I ordered from BROMOLITE. I had the same problem with them.

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