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Fitness 19 / dress code in gym

Am Jan 31, 2015
Contact information:
Phone: 832-717-7200

Joined the location at cypresswood and steubner airline for the purpose of my son doing off campus PE for Klein High School. Prices were reasonable but the gym is tiny and the people working there all look like they are about 12 years old. No one ever seems to know anything if you have a question.

If you like the kind of gym where you can go and stare at a bunch of punk black kids who run around with their underwear hanging out of their pants, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!!! I complained several times to several different managers about this issue but nothing ever gets done. They just overlook it and go on with their day.

I am a 5'4" fitness advocate and I weigh a whopping 115 lbs. At 38 years old I have limited tolerance for this kind of public dress and behavior. I finally couldn't take it anymore and confronted the management head on! I suddenly found myself surrounded by 4 black guys over 6 feet tall all threatening me and getting in my face! Talk about never wanting to go back! Several other members around me were agreement with me that this issue needs to be addressed but no one else was willing to say anything.

I cancelled my membership there about an hour ago and will make sure to advocate AGAINST going to this location! Serious fitness enthusiasts should seek out the new fitness connection or LA fitness. I have been a member of Fitness connection in the woodlands for years and have 0 complaints! I can't wait till they finish building the one at Champions Forest and Louetta! The only reason I joined Fitness 19 was for my son's PE credit. Now we have to find another PE option.

Thanks Fitness 19 for being the biggest disappointment EVER to the fitness industry!

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